Project files in Revit have “.RVT” extensions. To develop a RVT file, you might either choose to use an existing job template (RTE) file or start a job with no theme file. Template records have pre-defined setups which help the project to obtain started faster. Because that example, task units space predefined, an easy families frequently used are pre loaded, products are preset, etc. If you pick not to use any type of templates, friend will have to start your task by defining all settings and load your forced library elements. If you are a beginner, the is recommended that you select a default template record that is provided along through your software library.

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1. Develop a brand-new project document with a template

Open Revit software.Click on brand-new under the projects (OR go to paper Tab -> brand-new -> Projects) and choose one ‘Architectural Template’ native the default list. (You can use any type of other design template of your an option as well, if required.)

(Note: If you carry out not watch a list of templates, click Browse and also go come the regime Data folder ~ above the drive where Revit is installed. Because that example:C:ProgramDataAutodeskRVT 2019Templates OR Alternatively, inspect the Autodesk folder under her User file in the computer system %ALLUSERSPROFILE%AutodeskRVT 2019Templates)

2. Collection up project Units

Now, once your project record is open, next step would certainly be to set up job units.

Go to manage tab on the Ribbon -> setting Panel -> task UnitsIn the job Units dialog box, Under self-control -> pick CommonChange the size units come the unit of your choice(Ex: Meters)Select forced Rounding worths (Ex: 1 decimal place) and Unit signs to be shown (Ex: m)Click yes for format dialog box.Click OK for the project Units dialog box.Units because that the length has been successfully changed.

(For more practice: readjust the Area, Volume and Angle devices to Square Meters, Cubic Meters and also Decimal degrees respectively)

Learn more about setup Up task units v the video clip Tutorial through Autodesk

3. Update job Information

After setup up job units, add some project information to her project.

Go to control tab ~ above the Ribbon -> setup Panel -> task InformationProject details dialog box will appear. Add the details around your task in this dialog box such as project name, customer name, task Address, etc.Click OK once you space finished including required information. If you execute not understand some that the info at this stage, the is okay. You deserve to come back to this dialog box later on and include information when you have it through you.

4. Specify geographic Location for her project

To collection your task to a real civilization site location,

Click regulate tab -> Project location panel -> LocationOn the location Weather and Site dialog box, under define location by -> select default city list. Under City, pick the city your project is located at. If you carry out not discover the city in the default list, you can likewise enter the Latitude and also Longitude of the precise project website location. Click OK to the location and weather site dialog box.

5. Collection up the phibìc orientation

Learn about setup up the north Orientation because that your job with this video Tutorial – through Autodesk building Solutions

6. Conserve the job file

Go to paper Tab -> SaveGive document name and Choose the record type together *.RVT (Ex: learning Revit Online_Sample Project.rvt)Click choices -> file Save options dialog box will appear -> pick the maximum variety of backups friend would like to have actually for this file. Every time you will certainly save, a previous variation of the file would be conserved as a back-up till the maximum variety of backups specified below is reached. After that, it will store removing the earliest revisions and add a more recent version of the backup file. Every backup file will acquire a suffix of “000n”(n=number the the backup version) with the project name. (Ex: Learning Revit Online_Sample Project.0001.rvt) Click Save. Now, you have actually successfully developed a Revit task file.


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Bansri Pandey is one architect and a BIM Trainer. She is likewise an Autodesk Certified experienced in Revit because that Architectural Design. She has actually 10 years of endure in maintain professionals, students and individuals in Revit.

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