In this week’s too ~ Gabby video I re-superstructure a profound conversation I had actually with mine friend and spiritual teacher Deepak Chopra. 

We sat down for tea and also I shared around all the spiritual searches I’d been on, all the routes I had actually chosen and all the I believed to it is in true. I said, “Is it it s okay that i have followed numerous different spiritual believed systems? Is it it s okay that i haven’t cursed to one certain path?” 

Here’s what Deepak stated … 

My conversation through Deepak inspired this week’s topic. 

In the video clip I cover:

How to come to be one v the Universe.

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exactly what we have to do come see the people through the lens of love fairly than the lens that fear.How, even when instances baffle us, we have actually the power to easily return come love. How to crank increase the volume on your truth and turn under the volume ~ above the voice of fear and separation. 

After you watch this video, come ago to this blog for an ext guidance native this passage in mine book, The Universe has actually Your Back. 

Universal lesson: You space one with the Universe.

The means to understanding your reality is to permit the voice that love to echo through every single thought girlfriend have. Even when girlfriend detour into fear, which you will carry out all work long, commit to the voice of love the minute you witness that you’ve preferred wrongly. No longer be tolerant of fearful mind wandering and make love her priority. 

Think around how different your life would certainly be if you completely committed come love every throughout the day. Imagine waking increase in the morning and instead of turning on the news, over-caffeinating, and checking your phone, you began the day v a devotion, a prayer or a meditative moment. My teacher Marianne Williamson says, “When we give time to a quieting suffer we have actually a different life due to the fact that we have actually a various nervous system.” Tuning in to the love that the cosmos lowers our tension levels, restores ours cells and reorganizes our energy. Conscious contact with love interrupts the sample of fear and also returns us to our true nature.


Though this publication may seem like it consists of many lessons and also exercises, yes sir really just one: choose love. Each exercise brings you closer to it. Each prayer, meditation and exercise helps to shift your focus away native perceiving you yourself as different from the love the the Universe. The course teaches, “Fear can never go into in a psychic that has actually attached chin to love.” each time you change your focus back to love, you relax your feeling of separation and also realign. 

When she in alignment with the love that the Universe, peace cannot it is in disrupted. No person, situation or circumstance can take far your tranquility of mind. This isn’t straightforward concept come grasp since we think so deeply in fear and separation. We think we can be harmed and also we safeguard ourselves at every costs. Though at the level of the mental we deserve to never be harmed because in any kind of moment we can select love. The an ext we stay committed to love, the much more we will think in it. I can say this v conviction. I have committed my life to unlearning fear and also releasing my different perceptions of myself. Each new day offers me great spiritual assignments that when confronted with prayer and devotion carry me closer come consciousness. Also in this moment as I create these words i’m reinforcing that connection.

It doesn’t matter where you are on her spiritual journey. Even if it is you’re a longtime heart Junkie or a first-time reader, you can accept this truth now: You space one through the love the the Universe. Our spiritual path leads us towards spiritual sight. This is when we start to relinquish our faith in our perceptions of the people to watch strength rather than weakness, oneness quite than separation, and love rather than fear. 

At the beginning of this book the voice the love was most likely distant and hard come hear. However the much more you lean toward love, the an ext you begin to see with spiritual sight, listen through the voice the love, and live much more joyfully and also free. This is what it way to relax your tardy of separateness and also accept you space one through the Universe.

Stringing with each other those moments of true link are exactly how we begin to watch the world through the lens that love fairly than the lens that fear. Even when instances baffle us, we have the strength to easily return come love. Now is the moment to crank up the volume on your truth and also turn under the volume ~ above the voice of fear and separation. So choose it. Totally surrender to your spiritual nature, her purpose, passion and also a deep link to the Universe. 

By this point in your practice you’re all set to adopt your true connection. These procedures are designed come deepen your belief that you are one through the love that the Universe. 

Prayer is the pathway to love. This prayer will act as an intermediary in between your feelings of separation and your truth. Use the prayer as an invisible guide ago to love. Let each word sink into your psyche. Recite this prayer the end loud come yourself. 

A Prayer for Connecting to the Universe

I contact on the power of the cosmos to guide my thoughts back to love. I surrender the false perceptions I have actually placed top top myself. Ns forgive this thoughts and also I know that ns am love. Ns am peace. Ns am compassion. Ns am the Universe. 

Following the prayer, settle ago into the power of love through you.



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