It’s super basic to crop in after Effects. This fast, helpful video tutorial will present you everything you need to know!

Cropping in after ~ Effects is very easy. Whether you’re functioning on a graphic because that the web or simply a fun project with one irregular facet ratio, cropping need to only take a issue of seconds. Simply follow the video tutorial or check out the step-by-step instructions below!

How to crop in After results in Three basic Steps

Step 1: Select an ar of interest Tool


The Region of interest button is in ~ the bottom of the Composition panel.

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that looks prefer a small box in a larger box.

The Region of attention tool is one the the most underrated devices in After Effects. Essentially, the Region of attention tool permits you to create a box roughly a specific area in the frame. Practically, this method After Effects can focus on rendering the end a small part of the frame, so your computer system speed will increase.

Step 2: develop a Box Around Your crop Location


To use the Region of attention tool, just click and drag to produce a box. Don’t worry if you don’t get the box simply right, you deserve to adjust the edges after you collection your Region the Interest. You can toggle the visibility the the Region the Interest by just deselecting the box stated in the an initial step.

Step 3: ingredient > crop Comp to region of Interest

chop Comp to an ar of Interest" width="985" height="300" />

Once you have your Region that Interest selected, just navigate come the food selection bar in ~ the really top the After Effects and also select Composition>Crop Comp to an ar of Interest. This will immediately crop your composition come the Region the Interest crate that girlfriend created.

If you would prefer to watch the specific dimensions of your newly cropped composition, just navigate come Composition>Composition Settings (or you might hit Command+K). Friend can change your dimensions by hand native the Composition Settings window.

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If you want to learn about how to crop an separation, personal, instance layer in After Effects, check out this great post over on PremiumBeat. The short article covers how to create masks (individual great cropping) in After Effects.

Have any kind of questions about how to develop masks in after ~ Effects? Let us understand in the comments below!