It’s straightforward to obtain overwhelmed by the quantity of layers you can accumulate in one solitary piece that Procreate art. Depending on your canvas and iPad, friend can finish up creating 80 or 90 layers that you need to manage and also keep monitor of. Moving and also grouping lock one by one quickly becomes a garbage of time. Let’s fix that.

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Here’s how you deserve to select, move, and also group multiple layers in Procreate all at once. Make sure to review to the bottom to learn just how to delete layers as well.

1. Open the layers tab in Procreate’s top toolbar

The layers tab is top top the much right hand side of Procreate’s optimal toolbar. It’s the one next to the eraser that has actually an symbol with two overlapping squares. Within this great panel, girlfriend can add layers, delete layers, pick layers, group layers, and move layers. Basically, noþeles you could ever desire to carry out with layers you have the right to do in the layers panel.

2. Pick one that your wanted layers

It’s straightforward to deselect layers the you’ve unintentionally selected, for this reason don’t concern too lot if you make mistakes here. The said, it can be basic to lose track the things depending on the number of layers friend have, so friend might also start turn off by picking one of your preferred layers indigenous the obtain go.


6. Click the Group button to develop a layer group

If you desire to team your layers instead of relocate them, that’s an option too! when your desired layers room selected, click the Group button that’s at the height of your layers panel. Be careful not to click the Delete switch instead.

If you produce a team of layers and realize the you made a mistake, that’s ok. Merely tap 2 fingers on her canvas come activate Procreate’s drown feature.

7. Host your finger ~ above a layer group to relocate it

Once you’ve created a class group, you can move it approximately your class panel, as needed. Simply hold your finger down on the surname of your group. If that a brand-new group you’ve just created, the name of it will certainly be “New Group.” organize down on the “New Group” name and also drag your team wherever you need it to it is in in her layers panel.

You can likewise rename her layer team by twin tapping on the “New Group” name.

8. Relocate layers the end of her groups

If you have actually layers within a group that friend no longer want in there, you can move them one of two people to a new group or no group at all. Merely swipe best to choose them and then traction them to a new location together you normally would.

9. Deselect all her layers with a finger tap

If you decide that you don’t need multiple great selected anymore, just tap her finger on one of the layers and it will deselect every one of them. Straightforward peasy!

10. Swipe best to choose layers and delete them

Swiping right to choose multiple class is likewise a yes, really quick way to delete lot of layers at a time. That course, you’ll desire to be cautious with this method and twin check the you’ve only selected the layers that you intended to.

How to Delete great in Procreate

To delete class in Procreate, swipe left top top the layer and also click the Delete button. If friend delete a great by accident, use 2 fingers come tap top top the display screen to activate the undo function as shortly as you realize the you’ve make a mistake.

If you looking for more Procreate tutorials, ns REALLY suggest checking out whatever that Skillshare has to offer. Skillshare is the an initial place ns turned once I very first downloaded Procreate on mine iPad, and also it has gained me to whereby I am this particular day as a Procreate obsessed artist!

Skillshare has an insane library the Procreate class that can teach you every little thing from an easy settings to personality development, color palettes, portraits, patterns, and also more. Here is one of my favourite classes if you want to inspect it out: ink Illustration techniques in Procreate. This is a stellar class that will certainly teach you part really practiced tips and also tricks for making much better ink illustrations v your Procreate art. I extremely recommend it!

The BEST component of Skillshare is that they have a generous totally free trial that will let you check out all of their impressive art class absolutely free. And they don’t just have Procreate class either. They have actually classes on many different species of art! So, if you desire to take it a rest from Procreate and dive into cake decorating, they have a class for that! 

Recommended Procreate Tools

These space my favourite Procreate devices that ns wouldn't be able to live my Procreate life without!

Take advantage of Skillshare’s totally free trial to gain unlimited access to their amazing treasure trove of knowledge and take her art an abilities to the next level.

Selecting, moving, and grouping multiple great in Procreate can seem messy and an overwhelming to start with. That does take it practice. But, once you get the cave of it, that a good technique for adding more efficiency to her Procreate work-related flow.

Diana Fitts

Diana has actually been an artist because that over 25 years and has maintain in drawing, painting, digital drawing and also graphic design. Diana"s recent obsession is digitally illustration with Procreate and creating t-shirt designs through Canva. Diana has actually experience marketing her art throughout a number of platforms and also loves helping various other artists learn how to do money from your art together well.

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