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This defines how come delete objects exterior the Illustrator artboard. Also, the export techniques of your vector illustration are shown. You can export your record as a raster photo or vector document using these methods. Thus this write-up not only shows removing illustrations outside of artboard but additionally save as jpeg file.

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What would certainly you favor to do?Crop your vector using Pathfinder to remove external of the boundary

In order to crop your vector drawings, place all your objects in the very same layer.


Create a rectangle in front of the objects.



Select lock all and also use “crop” command in the Pathfinder panel.

Be careful, this command will divide all your objects into countless parts. It might be complicated to re-edit your file later.

Use Layer clipping Mask

If girlfriend still desire to crop your objects without deformation, you have to use one of the masking options. One of two people you can use a trimming mask, opacity mask or layer clipping mask. Every of them has various results.

Most world use the layer clipping mask come visually chop vectors to the artboard.

Create a rectangle approximately the size of the artboard in the exact same layer with your objects. Carry it to the front if not.


Click ~ above the class name and Click layer snipping mask icon. Using layer snipping mask will not actually crop your vector drawings. That will only hide places external of the boundaries of the artboard. Once you export without restraining come the artboard size, every your illustrations will be clearly shows in your raster image file.


How carry out I export simply the artboard in Illustrator?

Sometimes you have to export your vector illustrations into raster images. Particularly when you want to use your drawings for a web page, you must export your ai record to a jpg image. In the typical case, I mean if all of your drawings are within of the artboard, you can quickly export your document to a jpg. Top top the various other hand, when your illustrations exceed the border of the artboard, the plain export command will an outcome in exporting all the illustrations you have in your document regardless of your artboard size.

As for exporting just what is within of the artboard to a jpg file, you have three regulates under the file>export menu.

Export for screensExport As.Save because that web

If you just want come export her artboard, you have the right to use one of all three options.


It is very obvious what to perform if you usage “Export for screens” option. Just choose the artboard to it is in exported (1). Define the quality of the record if you like(2). And click fiddle artboard button(3).


If you decision to usage “Export As.. “ option, select the record type you require (1) and also make sure to special “use artboard” checkbox (2). Then Export (3)

Finally, as soon as you decision to use “Save because that webs” option, make certain “clip come artboard” checkbox is checked.

Please keep in mind that this information is valid for Adobe Illustrator CC. If you usage an older variation of the illustrator, the menus may have different options.

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Resize artboard

Sometimes you require your artboard to fit her drawings. In the case, double-click artboard symbol in the tools panel

and pick the Preset pull-down menu. Pick “fit to artboard bounds” as preset.