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you can add a header or footer native the "Insert" menu. Dave Johnson

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to include a header or footer:


On a home windows or ChromeOS computer: press Ctrl + Alt + O or Ctrl + Alt + H.On a Mac: push Ctrl + Cmd + O or Ctrl + Cmd + H.

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On a windows or ChromeOS computer: press Ctrl + Alt + O or Ctrl + Alt + F.On a Mac: push Ctrl + Cmd + O or Ctrl + Cmd + F.

Once you"ve added a header or footer to your file (you can insert one of two people one or both, depending upon your needs), you must see the banner separating the sections and the controls to set header and also footer options. If girlfriend don"t see it, double-click text in the header or footer to edit it, and the banner will appear.


A banner off the header from the document"s body text. Dave Johnson

By default, headers and also footers are the exact same on every page. Yet if you want them to it is in different, Google Docs offers you number of choices. Click Options in the header banner or footer banner and then click Header format or Footer format. In the Headers & footers options window, you can customize the document:

You have the right to modify the margin above the header and also below the footer.Click the checkbox for Different very first page to make the headers and footer display various content on the an initial page 보다 every other page in the document.Click the checkbox for Different odd & even to make the headers and also footer display various content on even pages than odd pages (this is regularly the most advantageous for documents that will certainly be printed and bound in a method so odd and even pages challenge each other).

Configure your headers and footers to display in different ways on the very first or odd and even pages utilizing the alternative dialog box. Dave Johnson

If you have actually a very complex document, you can make the headers and also footers adjust as typically as you like — they have the right to be different on every page, if friend want. You deserve to do the by dividing the record into sections. Here"s what come do:

1. on the page before you want the header and footer come change, location the cursor and click Insert, Break, Section rest (next page).

2. go to the following page and double-click the message in the header.

3. clean the checkmark indigenous Link to previous.

4. change the text in the header.


You deserve to have as numerous different headers in a file as you favor using sections. Dave Johnson

Now the header content is different in the brand-new section. You can add as plenty of sections together you like, and each one deserve to have unique headers and also footers.

Quick tip: In enhancement to including headers and footers to your document, you have the right to use a leader in Google Docs to readjust the vertical and horizontal margins.

Even though the Google Docs mobile application isn"t as sophisticated as Google Docs ~ above the web, you can still use it to add a header and also footer to her document. The process is the exact same on both iOS and Android.

1. open the Google Docs app and also open a document. If you"re not already in modify mode, tap the pencil icon to begin editing.

2. In the top-right, madness the three-dot icon.

3. rotate on Print Layout through swiping the button to the right.

You can only watch headers in the Google Docs application when "Print Layout" is enabled. Dave Johnson

4. tap the really top that the page and form to develop a header. Likewise, insanity the bottom the the page and kind to develop a footer.

How come insert header page numbers in Google Docs

Headers and footers are especially an excellent for inserting common document features like web page numbers without interrupting the flow of your key content.

Because page numbers are so common, inserting web page numbers in Google Docs automatically sets up a header or footer also if girlfriend hadn"t previously created one.

On desktop:

1. open up a paper in Google Docs.

2. Click Insert, then hover your cursor over Page number.

3. In the fly-out menu, choose where you want the page numbers come appear. You have the right to place them in the header or footer, and also choose come skip number is numbered the an initial page. If you haven"t already included a header or footer to her document, Google Docs will make one for you automatically.

pick the web page number layout in Google Docs. Dave Johnson

You have the right to customize page numbers in a few important ways:

By default, web page numbers start at 1 top top the an initial page, yet you can skip the an initial page and have the web page numbering start at 2 top top the 2nd page. To carry out that, click Insert, Page numbers, then click More options. Clear the checkbox beside Show on an initial page.You deserve to start the numbering at any kind of number. In the More options dialog box, go into the number you want in the Start at field.You deserve to move the numbering from header to footer in the Position section the the More options dialog box.

You can likewise show the web page count of her document. This can show up anywhere — in the header, footer, or even in the body of the page. Most often, this is displayed with the page number, together in "Page 3 of 10." To perform that in Google Docs:

1. Insert a page number in the header or footer the the document.

2. Double-click the web page number so girlfriend can edit the header or footer.

3. ~ the page number, kind "of."

4. Click Insert, Page numbers, then pick Page count.

girlfriend can incorporate page numbers and also page count in the header or footer. Dave Johnson

How to remove a header or footer in Google Docs

If you add a header yet later decision you don"t want it in your document, it"s simple to remove, yet only if you"re using Google Docs in a browser.

1. open the file in Google Docs that you want to eliminate the header or footer from. Let"s assume we room removing the header because that this example. The procedure is nearly exactly the exact same for the footer.

2. In her document, double-click on some text in the header. You need to see the banner show up between the header and also the key body of the document.

3. Click Options in the banner.

4. Click Remove header.

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You can delete a header or footer making use of the "Options" food selection in the banner. Dave Johnson

You can"t eliminate the header or footer native a document in the mobile application for iphone or Android, yet you deserve to fake it. Just delete every the text from the header or footer. You have the right to reduce the top and bottom margin of the paper to reduce the size of the header and footer sections (which are still there) as well.

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