By: Jennifer Howell
Gorgeous containers start via the right potting mix. Should you throw away supplied potting mix at the finish of the year or can you reusage it? Let us aid you decide!

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Reutilizing last year"s potting mix for this year"s container garden is definitely an economical idea. However before, at the end of the growing seachild, a potting mix’s fertility is at a minimum, and also tbelow can not be sufficient nutrients for your flowers to be happy and healthy and balanced. Adding brand-new mix to the old indicates this season"s plants will gain what they need. Here are some tips to assist you be resourceful through offered potting mix and also still grow a great container garden.

Save potting mix the best way

In fall, pull up any type of dead plants and shake out the roots. If you check out live adults, cocoons or egg masses trying to overwinter in the mix, pick them out. If the plants in the container had a disease, that mix need to be bagged up and sent out through the trash. (Don’t re-use potting mixes provided to prosper tomatoes because tright here is a threat of spreading blight to a new crop.) Keep the remainder of the soil tucked ameans in a garage, basement or melted for the winter.

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Reuse potting mix in spring

In the spring, break acomponent the clump of potting mix in the tub or spreview it out on a tarp. Add fresh potting mix so the ratio is 50 percent old to 50 percent brand-new, and stir together together with a slow-release fertilizer. Or add 25 percent comarticle to 75 percent old potting mix through a pair handfuls of organic additive favor fish meal or worm castings. Be sure to mix it all thoabout so the textures are evened out. Then pot up your containers as usual!

Don"t simply height off

You could be tempted to pour brand-new mix overtop the old and speak to it great. Yes, plant roots will certainly prosper quickly in brand-new potting mix, yet they will certainly struggle to spcheck out out into tough, dry, compacted old mix beneath. Be certain to break up the old product and blend thoapproximately via the brand-new.

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Look to the illustration listed below. See what what a distinction it makes?