I changed the catalytic converter on mine 93 Miata with a test pipe. The problem is over there is an exhaust leak that ns can"t seem to fix. I tightened the flange all the means around and also it still leaks.

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It only leaks from one side and also at an initial it leaked from listed below the pipe but after flipping the gasket and re-tightening it currently leaks indigenous above. I tried come buy a new gasket and had the very same issue. Ns spent much more than one hour roughly that flange and also tightened that as ideal as ns could yet it still leaked

Is it safe to use RTV to remove the leak? Otherwise how deserve to I resolve this problem?

Update: I used 2 gaskets and the leak improved however it was still there. One thing that pertained to mind is ns didnt clean the mating surface of the pipe, is that something that have to be done to exhaust flanges as it never ever occured come me?

If so just how is it done properly?

exhaust leak
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Due to my own incompetency,
David vivid made the clear for me. Ns was not aware that the old catalytic converter gasket to be baked top top the mid pipe. Simply running my hand on it made the so obvious.

Thank you every for the help.

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It"s new. Look into just how I solved my leaks. C Flange Bracket

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Anthony PetersonAnthony Peterson
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