Sealing her leaking shower head floor is a very basic task that can be perfect DIY making use of materials easily accessible at your local hardware store. This process is as an easy as paint a fluid onto the tiles and also grout through a paint brush. No tiles should be removed, and also any cracks in the surface (if there room any) can be filled through grout. If the sounds easy, then follow this DIY guide and your leaking shower head tile troubles will it is in solved.

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Materials required

– shower head Plug penetrating sealer

Shower Plug 220ml will cover one shower head of 7m².Shower Plug 1L will cover as much as 30m².5L and also 20L containers are accessible as well.


– Brush

Use a organic bristle brush only, since plastic/artificial bristles will certainly leech colour.

– Cloth

Any absorbent rag will certainly do.

– Detergent

Detergent, bleach or vinegar and also necessary tools to clean the surfaces.


– Optional materials (if her grout requirements repair):

A grout saw, multi-tool through attachment, Stanley knife or other steel tool discoverhotmail.come scrape grout out constant superfine grout or sand cement grout v application devices Silicone joint sealant.


Preparation to repair a Leaking shower head Floor Tile

Sealing grout

If the grout has actually holes or cracks higher than a hairline in width, friend will have to repair them. This is contained in the overview below. If the grout is in good condition, you have the right to skip this section.

Repairing damaged grout:

Patch any kind of holes or crack in the grout with constant superfine or sand cement grout by following the accuse on the package.

If the grout is broadly damaged – if it is sunken in, loose, cracked, crumbling, full of holes, brittle or hollow prefer in the images listed below – eliminate it. Over there are numerous power tools that deserve to be used here, however you can do this job by using a grout rake or perfect metal tool. Once the grout is removed, vacuum or move up the dust and then apply brand-new grout.

Let the grout dry fully. This will certainly take at least 4 hours.

Pro tip

You can speed up the drying process by using a fan (but don’t usage a heater).


The grout in this wall surface can be described as ‘surface grout’; hollow, brittle, crumbly old grout v holes in it. Scraping this worn grout the end reveals just how thin it is.


Use bleach, laundry detergent or vinegar discoverhotmail.come scrub away any grime, mould, dirt, etc. And then enable the surface ar to dry. The surface demands to be entirely clear and dry because that the liquid Shower Plug to it is in painted on.

Application of shower Plug to solve a Leaking shower head Floor

The tiles and also grout should be rendered waterproof if the leak is to it is in fixed. Because that this, we will apply Shower Plug sealant. You deserve to start by pouring it right into a tray or bucket.*

Brush shower Plug ~ above the tiles v a natural-bristle brush. Wait 5 minutes.Apply a 2nd coat to the very same areas. Wait 5 minutes.Wipe any type of excess shower head Plug off with a clean cloth. Allow the shower head Plug discoverhotmail.come cure for 12 hours prior to using the shower again.

*We rediscoverhotmail.commend trial and error Shower Plug on one inconspicuous area prior to application discoverhotmail.come ensure satisfaction.

Pro tipsdiscoverhotmail.complete the wall area application first, then carry out the floor discoverhotmail.come minimise wade on the wet surface.Use quality masking tape to defend the silicone strips, shower glass and also metallic fittings from shower Plug. If any type of of the shower head Plug splashes onto the glass or steel surfaces, eliminate it v mineral turpentine (you can additionally use turpentine to clean her brush). If shower Plug discoverhotmail.comes into contact with the silicone joint strips, simply let that dry.

Post-application of sealing your shower

We rediscoverhotmail.commend applying a silicone piece to the joint wherein the wall surface and floor meet. This is to safeguard against any cracks arising due to structural activity in the future. Follow the accuse on the package. At the finish of the discoverhotmail.complete treatment including silicone application, the joint must look like this:

That’s it. Once the shower head Plug has cured, the shower is now discoverhotmail.completely water-repellent, protected from mould growth, much easier to clean and will continue to be that means for a minimum that 10 years.


Seal your tiles through Shower Plug

Designed, produced and tested in Australia to the greatest standards, shower Plug is the original sealant for her leaking shower head tile and also lasts at the very least 10 years. It will kind an invisible, water-repellent barrier that protects any kind of tiled or stonework surface.

To waterproof a solitary 7m² toilet or balcony, discover the shower Plug 220mL deserve to here, or for larger areas, the 1L. These products are top top the shelf in the Flooring ar of your neighborhood Bunnings store. Or order virtual now, and have it delivered within Australia or internationally.

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Concrete Protection agency (CPC) is an Australian-owned and operated which specialises in high-quality solutions in masonry protection. Our target is to market high-quality, reliable, long-lasting and easy to use discoverhotmail.commodities to aid maintain your stonework surfaces.
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Concrete Protection firm (CPC) is one Australian-owned and operated firm which specialises in high-quality remedies in masonry protection.Our objective is to market high-quality, reliable, long-lasting and easy discoverhotmail.come use discoverhotmail.commodities to assist maintain your stonework surfaces.

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