The Shipyard allows you to construct ships and send lock on Naval objectives in job 6.2.Naval goals take end the role of monitor Missions, in the sense thatall the brand-new Garrison rewards deserve to only be acquired through navy Missions:

The Shipyard likewise has ties with the legend Rings quest line.One of the brand-new 6.2 quests, master vs. Commander, calls for you to finish a seriesof Naval missions to obtain a Draenic Sea Chart. We detail these missionsin a section additional down the page.

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Naval objectives also permit you to gain

Abrogator Stones and also Elemental Runes,so the Shipyard allows you to catch up come the current part of the legendary Rings pursuit linefaster, by providing you however another way to acquire these items.



The search line started by Garrison Campaign: war Council or Garrison Campaign: battle Council, which introduces you tothe contents of patch 6.2 (Tanaan Jungle, mostly),also serves together a tutorial for the Shipyard.

During the quest line, you will learn just how to do ships and also send them on missions.Simply make sure to take the follow-up Shipyard quest as soon as you build your outpost in Tanaan: Shipyard Report or Shipyard Report.

After an hour that questing, you will have a sensible Shipyard through 1Transport ship, 1 Destroyer ship (of rarely quality), 1 equipmentunlocked ( Blast Furnace), 1,130 Oil, and also a couple of

rush Order: Shipyards.You will certainly have likewise learned a variety of things:

there room several species of ships and also Transport and Destroyer are just two types;ships deserve to fail missions and get destroyed;ships have actually a possibility to be upgraded from common to rarely (and also sometimes epic!) as soon as they aredelivered come you (this conveniently occurred to your second Destroyer throughout the tutorial);ships require 5,000 experience to update to rare and 40,000 moreto update to epic;ships have 2 equipment slots that you deserve to unlock, one as soon as you level up the delivery to rarely qualityand one more one once you level increase the ship to epic quality;equipment needs to be unlocked by first finding an equipment blueprint and also then transforming it tothe Naval devices Specialist in her Garrison;equipment is needed to counter threats throughout naval missions;each type of ship counters a particular threat (Transport counters floor Objective and also Destroyer counters Submarine);when a quadrant is blocked, you need to complete the equivalent Blockade mission to unlock it.

It is currently time to develop on the newfound knowledge and continue expanding yourShipyard, as we will watch in the following section.


Getting started After the Tutorial

Once the tutorial is over, you are left through 1 Transport, 1 Destroyer, and I Sunk her Battleship / Upgrading The Fleet or i Sunk her Battleship / Upgrading The Fleet.

You should finish both searches as soon as possible. I Sunk her Battleship requiresyou to farm reputation through Hand that the Prophetor Vol"jin"s Headhuntersto friendly in order to buy the blueprints because that the Battleship, a shipthat counters Destroyer. Upgrading The Fleet requires youto complete 15 navy Missions and rewards you through a Level 2 Shipyard that deserve to hold 8 ships(up from 6) and the blueprints for the Submarine, a ship that counters Carrier.

While you progress on this quests, we recommend you to do a fleet of4 Destroyers and also 2 Transports and also level them increase as much as girlfriend can, every the whileacquiring brand-new equipment (see our tools sectionfor more details). Do not hesitate come decommission common qualityships and also make brand-new ones, hoping that they will turn rare orepic ~ above delivery. Once you unlock the Shipyard Level 2 and obtain boththe Battleship and the Submarine, we recommend you to walk for the following distribution of ships:

1 Transport;3 Destroyers;3 Battleships;1 Submarine.

This means that you will require to ruin some of the pearls you had previously made(by right-clicking them and decommissioning them). You will certainly most most likely unlock theBattleships prior to you upgrade the Shipyard to Level 2 and, in this case, you shoulddestroy 1 Transport and 1 Destroyer and also build 2 Battleships instead. We adviseyou to save the ships through the crews the grant secondary success possibility to missions, together as human being Crew, Pandaren Crew, or Undead Crew (see our Crews ar for an ext details).The reason for that is that some goals requires you to respond to

skilled Captain, which have the right to only becountered through crews or devices that grant extr success chance. Till you reach epicquality on your ships, you desire to avoid offering them tools that sponsor success chance(equipment the counters dangers is much more important initially), which is whyyou need to get that native crews.

From over there on, you simply need to keep upgrading your ships, get the equipment you room still missing,and complete Naval domination or naval Domination, the follow-up quest to Upgrading The Fleet.Completing that quest requires the perfect of 25 Treasure marine Missions, whichcan take it 2 come 3 weeks, and also rewards you with a Level 3 Shipyard that can hold10 ships and also the blueprints because that the Carrier, a ship that counters Battleship.

Until you have actually a appropriate fleet, perform not hesitate to change equipment on your shipson a constant basis, simply to level them increase faster and also ensure her 100% success chance.

After that, your last goal will be to unlock The Awakener byreaching exalted call withthe bespeak of the Awakened.This unique, one-of-a-kind Destroyer can respond to both Submarine and Battleship,thanks come its Arakkoa Crew.

Once you have actually unlocked her Shipyard Level 3 and the Awakener ship, we advise you come havethe following distribution of ships:

1 Transport;3 Battleships;2 Submarine;1 Carrier;The Awakener (count as both a Carrier and also a Destroyer).

Oil is used solely to construct ships (see ourShips section forcosts) and to send her ships top top missions.

Oil is mostly acquired through the daily Apexis crystal questin Tanaan jungle and, in ours experience,the 600 Oil per day that this quest offers is much more than enough to sheathe allof her needs. You additionally get 600 Oil when you complete a Bonus objective forthe first time ever.

In addition, girlfriend can obtain a Blueprint: Oil Rig or Blueprint: Oil Rig when you reachrevered reputation through Hand that the Prophet or Vol"jin"s Headhunters.This unlocks a day-to-day Naval Mission that just requires 1 deliver ship and also thatrewards 200 Oil.

Finally, friend can get a bit of extra Oil indigenous mobs in Tanaan Jungleand from several of the monitor Missions presented in spot 6.2. About theseFollower Missions, it is worth noting that, in ~ honored,the Hand of the Prophet andthe Vol"jin"s Headhunters reward you through a monitor that boost yourOil gains from objectives by 100%.

In the table below, friend will uncover the list of ships, your cost and build time,and the threat(s) lock counter. Each Naval Mission features simple threat(s),which have the right to only be countered by choosing the suitable ship(s).

ship / Counter expense Counters
carry Land objective 30 minute Tutorial
Destroyer Submarine 30 minutes Tutorial
Submarine carrier 120 minutes
Battleship Destroyer 60 minute
transport Battleship 120 minute
The Awakener Submarine Battleship 200
exalted through Order the the Awakened

Ships can be renamed and decommissioned by right-clicking them native the Fleet Command Table.

Equipment comes in 3 different sorts, every of them offering a different kind of buff to the ship they equip;

We recommend you come prioritise unlocking the threat counters first, together theywill be the most helpful pieces that equipment at an early stage on. Once you have actually a fleetof epos ships, the various other buffs will start becoming attractive.

In the sections the follow, we list every one of the devices you can obtain.

The Threat Counters all should be unlocked through bringing your blueprintsto the Naval devices Specialist in her Shipyard. When this is done, friend canbuy them them from him because that 500 Garrison Resources.

devices Blueprint Counters
Bilge Pump
Drops from Belgork in Tanaan jungle (34.5 / 46.8)
Stormy Weather
Blast Furnace Is derived during Equipping ours Fleet or Equipping our Fleet
Felsmoke Launcher
Drops native Felsmith Damorka in Tanaan tropical (45.8 / 47.0)
first Strike
Ghostly Spyglass
Drops native Captain Ironbeard.
Cursed Crew
Gyroscopic inner Stabilizer
Drops indigenous Iron Reaver in Hellfire Citadel.
Chaotic Whirlpools
High soot Fog Lights
Drops from Xanzith the Everlasting in Tanaan jungle (60.0 / 21.2) dense Fog
ice Cutter
Drops native Cindral the Wildfire in Tanaan tropical (44.6 / 37.6) Icy Water
Trained Shark Tank
Drops from Savage Whale Shark, who deserve to be watched in Tanaan Jungle, around 70 / 24 or in ~ Ironhold Harbor
True iron Rudder
Drops native Zoug the hefty in Tanaan jungle (37.0 / 32.8)

All that the piece of tools in the table listed below grant an boosted of success.They cannot be obtained through conventional means. Instead, as soon as yourship it s okay upgraded (from common torare and also from rare toepic), it has a opportunity to have its brand-new equipment slotfilled with among these piece of equipment.

Equipment summary
Ammo Reserves
Increases success chance once on a mission v a Battleship
Automated sky Scanner
Increases success chance once on a mission through a Carrier
Extra Quarters
Increases success chance once on a mission v a Transport
Q-43 Noisemaker Mines
Increases success chance when on a mission through a Submarine
Sonic Amplification Field
Increases success chance as soon as on a mission through a Destroyer
Food storage Bay
Adds an are for additional food stores, enhancing success possibility on long missions
salty Crew
Grants a bonus come mission success chance

tools Blueprint summary
Tuskarr Fishing Net Supplies fish as soon as returning indigenous a successful mission
Unsinkable One-time cheat fatality for ships; equipment is destroyed when triggered
Nitro Fuel Tanks
Unknown Reduces mission time by 50%
Wreckage restore Module
Unknown Unknown

Tuskarr Fishing Net and also Unsinkable deserve to be acquiredfor 500 Garrison resources from your Naval tools Specialist.

Each ship receives a arbitrarily crew when you complete it, native amongstthose provided below in descending order of usefulness.

Crew description
Increases success possibility on missions
Pandaren Crew Increases success possibility on long missions
Counters thick Fog Counters Icy Water
Murloc Crew
Counters soil Objective
Reduces mission time by 50%
Increases the experience obtained from a mission for all ships by 50%
Allows naval equipment to be recovered from successful missions; this might sound choose an incredible perk, yet from ours testing, it just recovers devices that has already been unlocked, which way that these crews just save girlfriend Garrison Resources
Increases the gold obtained from a mission through 100%

The Arakkoa Crew is exclusive come The Awakener, i m sorry is why that is not listedin the table.

When completing goals whose symbol is an 8-point compass rose, you receivea 1-day buff the is active only in one of the quadrants (not necessarily the one whereyou perfect the mission, it appears).

Buff Mission description
Apexis Storm Kraken the Whip Successful missions approve Apexis Crystals
wait Superiority The Neutralizer Increase success chance of missions
Captain Reania"s Command
It"s no a Gravy Boat... Increase mission experience by 50%
Captain Thokash"s Command
It"s not a Gravy Boat... Increase mission suffer by 50%
fearless Privateer A convenient Truth Increase success chance of missions
treasure Map
Enterprising Solutions Increase gold gains from goals by 100%

Two pursuits of the legendary Rings quest linehave to do with your Shipyard: Command of the Seas and also Master vs. Commander.While Command of the Seas is an extremely straightforward and simply needs you come upgradeyour Shipyard come Level 2, grasp vs. Command is much an ext involved.

Master vs. Commander calls for you to rotate in a Draenic Sea Chart. Thisitem is derived from the last of a collection of Naval missions of increasing difficulty:

Master vs. Command is accessible as soon as you complete the tutorial, providedyou are far sufficient in the legendary Rings search line. Each mission large 2 days,which way that friend can get to In hot Pursuit after ~ 6 days andto Boarding the Master"s Call in 8 days, return you might not getto effort the latter mission best away, due to the fact that itrequires a Carrier,which have the right to take 2 to 3 weeks come unlock. These goals are challenging and requireyou to have actually unlocked tools that grants secondary chance of success.Boarding the Master"s Call is particularly difficult, due to the fact that you willnot only need ideal equipment, but also crews that rise success chance: human Crew, Undead Crew, and Pandaren Crew.

So, what we advise you to perform is farm yard a few

Medallion that the Legionand execute your Tanaan Jungle daily quests,so friend unlock Unsinkable as rapid as possible, by reaching reveredreputation with Hand the the Prophetor Vol"jin"s Headhunters.Equipping that on all your ships for In warm Pursuit and also Boarding the Master"s Callmakes her success opportunity drop to respectively 97% and also 85% (without using any type of increase successchance crew), yet it guarantees that her ships endure if lock fail.

Given the file of the missions, girlfriend will desire to unlock the adhering to equipment:

If you carry out not have actually Unsinkable for the last 2 missions, climate you will additionally need:

Finally, do not forget about waiting Superiorityand fearless Privateer, the 1-day zone buff you can obtainfrom bonus missions.

There are 22 success tied to the Shipyard. Most of castle are pertained to completing navy Missions.

achievement Note
collection Sail! Construct a Shipyard
marine Fleet
Upgrade Shipyard come Level 2
navy Armada Upgrade Shipyard come Level 3
Upgrade a delivery of every type to epic
marine Mechanics
Obtain all piece of equipment
navy Training Specialist Complete 10 marine Training Missions
marine Training Expert Complete 25 navy Training Missions
navy Siege Specialist Complete 10 Blockade Missions
navy Siege Expert Complete 25 Blockade Missions
marine Combat Expert Complete 25 naval Combat Missions
naval Combat Specialist Complete 50 marine Combat Missions
naval Treasure Specialist Complete 25 naval Treasure Missions
marine Treasure Expert Complete 50 marine Treasure Missions
naval Bonus Specialist Complete 10 marine Bonus missions (those that give buffs)
navy Bonus Expert Complete 25 naval Bonus objectives (those that provide buffs)
master of the Seas
Complete the 10 achievements provided above; rewards the Captain title
Complete 50 marine Missions; rewards
Admiral"s Compass, i m sorry is an extremely useful for teleporting directly to the Shipyard
petty Officer Complete 100 marine Missions; rewards
Captain"s Hat
petty Officer Complete 100 navy Missions; rewards
Captain"s Hat
Fleet Commander Complete 500 naval Missions
Fleet Commander Complete 500 naval Missions
Admiral Complete 1,000 naval Missions
Admiral Complete 1,000 marine Missions
Charting a Course Complete 3 rare Naval Missions; rewards
Fleet Commander"s Hat
Charting a Course Complete 3 rarely Naval Missions; rewards
Fleet Commander"s Hat
trying out the High Seas Complete all 6 rare Naval Missions
trying out the High Seas Complete all 6 rare Naval Missions

02 Mar. 2016: Removed point out of a 98% success possibility on the last legendary Ring mission. This is no much longer true because a hotfix top top November 30 boosted the performance of crews and naval equipment. 100% is currently somewhat simple to get.25 Jul. 2015: Slightly changed the encourage fleet at Level 3, come account for several of the higher end goals that require specific ship setups.15 Jul. 2015: Ghostly Spyglass equipment now is a guaranteed drop indigenous Captain Ironbeard. Added ship distribution at Level 3.12 Jul. 2015: included cost because that Carrier.02 Jul. 2015: Battleship blueprints currently only require friendly reputation.01 Jul. 2015: Fleet has been enhanced in a recent hotfix (6 at Level 1 and 8 at Level 2).28 Jun. 2015: with a Level 2 Shipyard, we currently advise friend to use 3 Destroyers and 1 Submarine, rather of 2 Destroyers and 2 Submarines. Submarine missions seem to be a many less constant than they were on the PTR.

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27 Jun. 2015: A couple of fixes based upon forum comments, most notably around the Murloc Crew.24 Jun. 2015: included advice to decommission and rebuild typical quality ships, in stimulate to try and get much better ships. Added much more advice about what to perform if friend unlock Battleships prior to upgrading to Level 2.+ display all entries- display only an initial 2 entries