Objective: Head come Panessa Studios¶

We’ll now have to make our way over to the Panessa Studios structure over in the north-east of Bleake Island. As soon as we reach the roof the the studios, interact with the door at the finish of the red carpet and take the elevator down to the lab.

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As soon as you get in the rap area, look to the left. Top top a tiny pedestal just before the critical cell here you’ll find an additional upgrade – Freeze Blast . This is an optional upgrade that is not forced for the key storyline at all, but can be offered to complete some that the Riddler puzzles later on and is handy in combat to incapacitate a enemy or 2 in its quick assault form.

When girlfriend are prepared to continue, head over to the Batcomputer and interact with it because that a brief chat which will let us understand where we room headed next.

Objective: Glide onto the Relay Drone¶

As Founders’ Island is tho closed come the Batmobile, we space going to have to grapnel boost and glide our method across the water to with it. If you look at her map friend should be able to find the target marker reflecting us wherein to go. Unlike other objective markers we’ve supplied so far, this one is put on a Drone and as such will be relocating around.


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Follow the objective marker to the Drone (left). As soon as you uncover it, dive under from above to soil on that (right).

To finish this objective, we have to climb up to the rooftops close to the Drone, wait for it to happen below before gliding down and also attempting come land on it. That is not the most basic task in the world and will likely take a pair of attempts. Fortunately the drone is sluggish moving and also once you have actually a decent grasp of diving and gliding the shouldn’t be too hard to fight the mark!

Successfully landing ~ above the Drone will initiate a step in which we’ll acquire a new upgrade because that our Remote Hacking Device – the Drone Hacker ability. This capability will enable us come target and also temporarily blind adversary Drones which will permit us to happen by undetected.

Objective: destroy the Arkham Knight’s radar network (1/2)¶

As quickly as we gain our new Remote Hacking Device upgrade, the video game will shift our view to look at a nearby rooftop. Below you’ll be motivated to use the Remote Hacking Device to target the Drone flying over the rooftop to blind it because that a brief time.

Whilst the Drone is temporarily blinded, paris to the rooftop it was guarding and approach the computer console here. Use your Explosive Gel to destroy it.

Objective: damage the Arkham Knight’s radar network (2/2)¶

Make your means over to the following objective marker to find the 2nd tower v a console that we’ll need to destroy. Set yourself up on among the cranes overlooking the tower to obtain a an excellent view that the rooftop.


After blinding one of the Drones, you’ll have 60 seconds to drop down to the rooftop and clear the of the Brute, 4 Combat Experts and four soldiers guarding it. If the hit goes top top for too long and you room unlucky enough for the Drone come spot you, make certain you retreat from the area as conveniently as feasible and hide ~ above some nearby rooftops till it return to its normal pattern, reapply the blindness hack and then return. As shortly as the rooftop is clearing of bad guys usage the dashboard on the nearby wall surface to open up a door below.

Drop down to the reduced section the the rooftop and also take sheathe behind the wall leading come the currently open door. Peek approximately the edge to watch a Sentry Turret. Use the Remote Hacking Device top top the nearest turret before quickly running up to disable it.

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Approach the computer system console here. Use your Explosive Gel to destroy it to upgrade our objectives.