European black color Squad competitions ~ above ESL pat ramp up through exciting brand-new cups



NS Studio’s well-known Early access FPS title black Squad is receiving a broad array that competitions ~ above ESL Play, supplying anyone with aspirations in the game’s competitive scene a chance to prove your worth. No less than four various contests will certainly be gaining underway in the close to future.

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Go4 Tournament

Starting in October, the €7,000+ black Squad Go4 tournament series is getting underway through the an initial set that weekly cups. In total three month of competition are planned transparent the Winter months through weekly cups ensuing on every Sunday and monthly finals happening on the very first Tuesday of the subsequent month.

You can find the complete schedule best here:

October Weekly Go4 #1: 7th of October - 12:00 CESTOctober Weekly Go4 #2: 14th of October - 12:00 CESTOctober Weekly Go4 #3: 21st the October - 12:00 CESTOctober Weekly Go4 #4: 28th the October - 12:00 CESTOctober Monthly Final: 6th of November - 19:00 CEST

More upcoming tournaments room on our Go4BlackSquad tournaments page!

Prize PoolWeekly cup (Sunday)

1st location = €150 + ESL Go4 Champion Weekly card2nd place = €75 + 125,000 BS coins3rd location = 50,000 BS coins

Monthly Finals (Tuesday)

1st place = €350 + ESL Go4 Champion Monthly call card 2nd place = €150 + 250,000 BS coins3rd place = 125,000 BS coins

Community cups (Demolition Cups)

The weekly Demolition cup are already underway appropriate now. Every Saturday marks an chance for anyone to authorize up and also compete because that in-game and ESL rewards. Indigenous October onwards the optimal three spots every week obtain the following prizes.

1st location = 100,000 BS coins + ESL champion Calling Card2nd location = 50,000 BS coins3rd place = 25,000 BS coins

Sign increase for next Saturday!

Ladder Play

Additionally, beginning October 1st, teams will have actually a new means to gain matched versus each other and also fight for black Squad coins - Ladder Play.

Prize pool

1st location team: 200,000 BS Coins2nd rank team: 100,000 BS Coins3rd Team: 50,000 BS Coins

Team with most matches: 100,000 BS Coins

You have the right to read all around the ladder rules ideal here.

Champions Cup

To close things out, we’re excited come unveil the champions Cup. The champion Cup will certainly be one week of digital competition, crowned with a broadcasted last on January 13th directly from the ESL UK studio in Leicester. The three winners that the monthly Go4 tournaments will certainly receive straight invites to the event and they will be join by the five top rated teams of the Go4 competition.

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The live broadcast from the ESL Studios will certainly showcase both Semi Finals, as well as the ultimate Bo5 grand Finals.

Champions Cup prize pool

1st location = €1,500 + ESL Go4 Qualifier league Champion phone call card2nd location = €1,0003rd place = €500

Be certain to monitor ESLBlackSquad top top both Twitter and also Facebook to receive the recent updates and we can’t wait to see everyone compete in the cups and also we great every participating team the ideal of luck!