The prominence of title in NBA 2K is progressively rising through the number of talented football player in the league and also the rising variety of skilled gamers, being vital factor the separates the great players indigenous the best.

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Badges have remained in the game for the past few years, yet this year’s edition has much more badges than ever before before. The choices and levels are countless as players can pick and also choose the badges the suit your playing format and type of build.

So, to help you to gear up because that NBA 2K, here’s your overview to all of the various badges in the game and how to redeem, equip, and also use them successfully.

What are badges and what carry out they carry out in NBA 2K22?


In NBA 2K22, the badge mechanism works in tiers, through Bronze representing a base-level or the weakest kind of a badge, while Gold and also then room of Fame room the prime badge tiers.

NBA 2K overhauled the badge mechanism for next-gen consoles, thus allowing gamers to update from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Hall of fame in the game. Your build and also playing layout in the game is critical to finding the optimal position to maximize your badges.

Forwards usually have the highest possible ceiling in terms of badge collecting. You may need to alter your height, weight, and also wingspan to a setting that allows you to accessibility the majority of the badges.

How many different varieties of badges space there in NBA 2K22?

In total, there are 80 different species of badges in NBA 2K22. Badges room classified into Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defensive/Rebounding. A caveat is that NBA players normally have an ext obtainable badges, so her MyPlayer construct may it is in capped when trying to obtain some power-ups.

Finishing badges: There room 20 Finishing badges top top the board, with Acrobat, fearless Finisher, and Lob City Finisher standing as the famous ones.Shooting badges: There space 20 shoot badges in total, which contains the valuable Corner Specialist, difficult Shots, and also Lucky #7.Playmaking badges: girlfriend can also obtain 20 Playmaking badges, v Ankle Breaker, Dimer, and also Needle Threader as the options.Defensive badges: There are 20 defensive badges in complete which combine steals, blocks, and screen defense, with Brick Wall, choose Pocket, and Rebound Chaser as top choices.

NBA 2K22 badges List

Badge NameBadge TypeAttributes to upgradeBronzeSilverGoldHall the Fame
AcrobatFinishingDriving Layup65778795
Backdown PunisherFinishingPost Control56687685
Dream ShakeFinishingPost Control47586674
DropstepperFinishingPost Control53657381
Fast TwitchFinishingClose Shot; stand Dunk54667584
Fearless FinisherFinishingDriving Layup71808999
Giant SlayerFinishingDriving Layup; near Shot70788694
Grace under PressureFinishingClose Shot63748493
Hook SpecialistFinishingClose Shot71809099
Limitless TakeoffFinishingDriving Dunk60748392
Lob City FinisherFinishingDriving Dunk; stand Dunk557085Standing Dunk 96, driving Dunk 95
Mouse in the HouseFinishingSee RightDriving Layup 66, Close shoot 50Driving Layup 76, Close shoot 67Driving Layup 88, Close shoot 80Driving Layup 99, Close shoot 92
Post rotate TechnicianFinishingPost Control55677584
PosterizerFinishingDriving Dunk; stand Dunk70809099
Pro TouchFinishingClose Shot; steering Layup53657381
Putback BossFinishingSee RightStanding Dunk 46, driving Dunk 47, Close shoot 52Standing Dunk 57, control Dunk 58, Close shooting 64Standing Dunk 65, control Dunk 65, Close shot 72Standing Dunk 73, control Dunk 73, Close shooting 80
Rise UpFinishingStanding Dunk65758495
Slithery FinisherFinishingDriving Layup; control Dunk61Driving Dunk 73, control Layup 74Driving Dunk 82, driving Layup 84Driving Dunk 91, driving Layup 93
Tear DropperFinishingDriving Layup51627078
UnstrippableFinishingDriving Layup; control Dunk; standing Dunk405571 driving Dunk, control Layup 7090
BlindersShootingMid Range, 3pt67788899
Catch and ShootShooting3pt66778492
Circus ThreesShooting3pt61748491
Clutch ShooterShootingMid Range, 3pt49596774
Corner SpecialistShooting3pt55687887
Difficult ShotsShootingMid Range66758495
Fade AceShootingMid Range47586673
Green MachineShootingMid Range, 3pt58738697
Hot zone HunterShootingMid Range, 3pt57718397
Limitless Spot-UpShooting3pt62728293
Lucky #7ShootingMid Range, 3pt56697786
Mismatch ExpertShootingMid Range, 3pt71798794
Rhythm ShooterShootingMid Range, 3pt3pt 59, Mid selection 603pt 73, Mid selection 748293
Set ShooterShootingMid Range, 3pt63728189
Slippery Off-BallShootingMid Range, 3pt40455055
SniperShootingMid Range, 3pt3pt 52, Mid selection 533pt 63, Mid range 643pt 71, Mid selection 7280
Stop & PopShooting3pt65758595
Volume ShooterShootingMid Range, 3pt3pt 54, Mid selection 553pt 65, Mid selection 667482
Ankle BreakerPlaymakingBall Handle70788694
Bail OutPlaymakingPass Accuracy65758695
Break StarterPlaymakingPass Accuracy48617180
Bullet PasserPlaymakingPass Accuracy51708597
DimerPlaymakingPass Accuracy70809099
DownhillPlaymakingSpeed with Ball43556473
Floor GeneralPlaymakingPass Accuracy68788898
Glue HandsPlaymakingBall Handle49596774
Handles because that DaysPlaymakingBall Handle60738391
HyperdrivePlaymakingBall Handle62758493
Needle ThreaderPlaymakingPass Accuracy55768796
Post PlaymakerPlaymakingPass Accuracy50658092
Quick ChainPlaymakingBall Handle55688292
Quick very first StepPlaymakingSpeed with Ball50658092
Space CreatorPlaymakingBall Handle59728190
Special DeliveryPlaymakingPass Accuracy60728393
Stop & GoPlaymakingBall Handle52677889
Tight HandlesPlaymakingBall Handle58718088
Triple threat JukePlaymakingBall Handle; rate with BallSpeed with round 56, Ball handle 57Speed with round 68, Ball manage 69Speed with sphere 76, Ball take care of 77Speed with sphere 85, Ball manage 87
UnpluckablePlaymakingBall Handle50658799
Ankle BracesDefensivePerimeter Defense60738291
Ball StripperDefensiveSteal52658497
BoxDefensiveOffensive Rebound; protective Rebound53657381
Brick WallDefensiveInterior Defense56768895
Chase under ArtistDefensiveBlock57707888
ClampsDefensivePerimeter Defense63768594
Defensive LeaderDefensivePerimeter Defense; inner Defense65758490
HustlerDefensivePerimeter Defense30405060
MenaceDefensivePerimeter Defense64778695
Off-Ball PestDefensivePerimeter Defense45566573
Pick DodgerDefensivePerimeter Defense57707988
Pick PocketDefensiveSteal56728696
Pogo StickDefensiveBlock; violation Rebound; protective ReboundDefensive cant 57, attack Rebound 57, Block 52Defensive rebound 69, attack Rebound 69, Block 63Defensive rebound 78, attack Rebound 78, Block 71Defensive fag 87, offensive Rebound 87, Block 79
Post LockdownDefensiveInterior Defense70808997
Rebound ChaserDefensiveOffensive Rebound; defensive Rebound71819199
Rim ProtectorDefensiveBlock55758897
Tireless DefenderDefensivePerimeter Defense; interior DefensePerimeter Defense 58, inner Defense 57718089
WormDefensiveOffensive Rebound; protective Rebound69798998

How carry out you equip and change badges in NBA 2K?

You have the right to equip and readjust badges in 2K22 by beginning a video game mode, finding the player the you desire to watch the argorial of, and then picking ‘Badges’ native the player display screen in the game. The video game will then give you the option to select from the badge categories and also equip your preferred badges.

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There no a limit to the total number of badges the you can equip at the very same time. Various badges space more daunting to acquire than others, though, so utilizing the right power-up will certainly be vital to any player in the game.