A basic trick on exactly how to gain a hummingbird the end of a garage. It really works! (See the comments because that proof!)


Guest post and photography through Curt Casteel (Rachel’s Dad)

Every summer a weird phenomenon takes ar in many American garages: Hummingbirds paris in, however they don’t fly out. Castle will stay in there, through the door large open, till they keel over dead. Weird, right?

this is why the happens, and how to get a hummingbird the end of a garage. Time to to convince your family you are a “hummingbird whisperer.”

Why Hummingbirds Fly into Garages

A hummingbird has actually the management of, well, a hummingbird. Due to the fact that their following meal is usually discovered inside something colored bright red, yellow, orange or purple, their tiny brains space programmed to look for these hues.

Enter the regulation of unintended Consequences. The federal government requires every electrical garage door opener to have actually a release handle so if it i do not care stuck, you have the right to pull this handle to manually raise and lower the door.

If you action out into your garage and also look up, you’ll see that this dangling small handle is, that’s right, RED, and also shaped about like a trumpet vine flower. You’re already ahead of me, no you?

The unintended consequence of that red take care of is that a hummingbird flies by an open garage, watch a tiny red “flower” inside, and also zips in to investigate.

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upon finding they can’t stick their tongues inside the plastic manage for part nectar, most turn around and leave. But a how amazing number make a deadly error—they fly up.

Regardless the the reason, as soon as they gain it in your heads the “up” is the only means out, castle refuse to fly with the open door.

This ends badly. The puzzled hummingbird will float near the ceiling, searching every high corner of the room, until it has to rest, usually on the garage door monitor or a irradiate fixture. It will certainly repeat this cycle until it is completely exhausted and dies, which have the right to take only a few of hours.

How to acquire a Hummingbird the end of a Garage

Some of friend this summer will head out right into the garage v the youngsters to go somewhere, and also find one of our tiny feathered buddies in specifically the situation I’ve described.

Stay cool.

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Load the family members up in the minivan, back out into the driveway, and also tell them, “Watch this.” Trot earlier into the garage and also grab her leaf rake. Slowly, slowly move the service end the the rake up to within just a few of customs of the hovering or resting hummingbird.


Be patient. The will, relying on its level the exhaustion, soil on the tines that the rake within just a couple of seconds.

Then really slowly lower the rake a pair of feet and move toward the open up door. As soon as it sees more blue sky than garage ceiling the hummingbird will more than likely take off, but it can be so tired it requirements to remainder a minute even when you room all the means outside.