The insurgent pick-up is generally a Pegasus vehicle. This method that unequal regular an individual vehicles it can"t be supplied on missions.

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However I have actually seen someone through one top top a mission. Was he cheating or is over there a means to obtain the insurgent choose up as a an individual vehicle legitimately.


Yes it"s possible.

To revolve the insurgent pick-up right into a an individual vehicle it needs to be upgraded come the insurgent choose up custom. The upgrade price 202500

Unfortunately this cannot be excellent at a consistent mod shop. Instead a "vehicle workshop" is needed. I used the one in the avenger yet according come GTA wikia girlfriend can additionally used the one in the mobile operations laboratory (though someone edited my write-up claiming the opposite). Unfortunately it appears you can"t use a friend workshop, only your own.


As because that upgrading the Insurgent choose up right into Insurgent choose up tradition you can also modify it at the cell phone Operation facility (MOC) with a auto Workshop purchased. However in order to acquisition the MOC you need to own a Bunker. Pretty much the same goes for the Avenger; I believe you need to own a research Facility and you likewise need come equip the Avenger with a vehicle Workshop. Ns guess it all comes down to the price, whether you will discover a Bunker cheaper 보다 the basic or vice-versa. Come be honest it is ideal to wait because that sales in the game. They regularly offer good deals.



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