So i’ve looked up a bunch of stuff on exactly how to get much more LP’s and SP’s. But I can not seem to acquire many. How do you obtain them without buying.

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I have actually all my sims food preparation all day and cooking isn’t offering me any. Only way I’ve gained anything is by winning them as soon as the mail logo shows up to watch one add. However I success them rarely. And when I move up a level.

I’m ~ above level 18. Also how do I gain the chopping block? Is that why i don’t get any kind of points. It’s just annoying and also if the only way to acquire them is come buy them climate screw that. And I can’t gain past numerous challenges cause eventually I require points. Just like the movie stupid. They desire 300 LP’s to open up the costume department. In ~ this rate it would certainly take me 2 years to execute it.

Any tips.

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There’s pet farms that can aid a lot! The cooking hobby gives you 5 when the sims finish al the understand tiles make sure to reset I before collecting more tiles.

Also sp are earned much faster by doing the tasks at neighbors home I nothing think there’s anything easier.

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How do you obtain LP’s so you deserve to buy the pet though. I have actually one dog. I look at videos where world have 100 dogs. Other than to buy LP’s how can you get enough LP’s come buy a bunch of dogs.

Just seems prefer I check out videos and also they have actually 50,000 LP’s. And I gain 1 or two a day. Simply seems like I have to be law something wrong.