Oxygen Not contained is about much more than just controlling your duplicant’s oxygen supply, efficiently managing polluted water will certainly ensure that you won’t have to worry around your duplicants obtaining hungry or too dirty. Polluted water ruins every one of your dreams.

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Water storage in Oxygen no Included

It’s normally a good idea to arrangement out and dedicate one area of your base come be supplied for water storage. Both of this tanks have the right to either be put horizontally or vertically, castle don’t also need to be beside each other yet having them close to one one more does make whatever a lot of easier.

Basic Water Tanks in Oxygen no Included

On the various other hand, there’s still plenty of points wrong with this build. Friend can’t party the clean water unless you open up up the top and also use a water bottler, and you can’t precisely use this construct for the rest of your game because that a couple of reasons, we’ll obtain to those later.

Basic Water Purification

This is the simple setup for water purification that civilization use in the early game. Yours might be different, or friend may plan for the future and also use bigger tanks.

Oxygen deodorizers

The factor I’m using those oxygen deodorizers end there is due to the fact that polluted water produce polluted oxygen, the deodorizers help with clean it up.

You can easily get away with just a couple of them, no need for four.


Food poisoning

This is a significant concern for most players in ~ the start of the game, germs will go through the water sieve and also your clean water will contain food poisoning germs. Therefore it’s a great idea to plan for the future.

If you use polluted clean water for food preparation, her dupes will obtain food poisoning.

Removing food poisoning germs

Liquid Tepidizers can be offered to heat up the water – killing food poisoning germs and slimelung. Yet keep in mind the you’re developing heat and also will ultimately need to number out a cooling system for your base.


Just in situation you weren’t sure about how the pipes room connected, here’s a screenshot.

The clean water can be supplied for showers and also lavatories. You might want to usage a Tepidizer before using this clean water to cook anything!

Plumbing link for a basic water tank in Oxygen not Included

Bottle Emptier

Yes, you deserve to place a party emptier on top of those mesh tiles to let your dupes empty bottled polluted water. It’s typically a good idea to collection that in the early on game because polluted water bottles will slowly pollute the oxygen around them.

That will likewise let you collection all the polluted water from algae Terrariums. Friend shouldn’t be making use of those in the very first place, us do have actually a detailed post covering why they’re not a an excellent idea.

Food Production

It’s usually a great idea to store using your starting water reserves for any and all food production. There’s no need to relocate all the water over to your base! unless you great to have three different tanks, one because that polluted, one for clean v germs, and also one because that perfectly clean water, free of all germs.

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Temperature Management

The reason I’m no recommending using a Tepidizer indigenous the start is because heat is your ultimate enemy. If your base heats increase too rapid then girlfriend won’t have the ability to farm anymore. It’s typically a an excellent idea to replace your water reservoir’s walls v a much more insulating material prior to you start any type of water purification plans.

It’s also a an excellent idea to store your farming area as far away from your water reservoirs together possible.


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