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Destiny 2 has actually been out practically a month and already players are sprinting towards hitting the game’s max light level of 305. However, this can be a fairly daunting difficulty for those who space unfamiliar with how Destiny 2’s Light and also loot mechanism actually works. Sadly, no every piece of gear you obtain will just get you to 300, as this will certainly take time and a little bit of luck to achieve.

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The first thing girlfriend will desire to execute is gain to at least Light 280 and finish the Leviathan raid, together that activity has the highest chance the dropping max level loot. Remember, only the booty dropped in the yes, really raid will be greater than your current Light level. You’ll also want to make certain you finish every Milestone each week, as they will constantly offer powerful level Engrams the are nearly always higher than your present Light level. This are fairly easy to obtain and should be your main priority every Tuesday as soon as the activities reset.

Another terrific way to raise her Light level to 300 is by grinding the end Exotic weapons and also armor to infuse into your gear. When you have the right to earn this a multitude that ways, the best is by much doing Heroic Public events with a Fireteam Medallion activated. This will rise your possibilities at gaining an engram from the chest and serves as the best means to actually obtain these rare items. Don’t rubbish your sources on Strikes due to the fact that these won’t sell much and also will take much more time to complete.

However, the only means to in reality hit 305 is through having all of your equipment equipped v Legendary Mods. Every one will add 5 irradiate to your item therefore if I have actually a base 300 level Gauntlet, a Legendary mode will carry it up to 305. All of your tools will require these, however, castle are fairly easy to acquire from the Gunsmith, Banshee. The just mod the will provide you trouble is the Kinetic Weapon Mod, which will take some extr steps to possibly obtain.

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Here is a list of activities you should focus on come hit 300 irradiate level:

NightfallsFlashpointsCall to arms MilestoneClan XP MilestoneRaid LootExotic Engrams

With a little of luck and also some persistence, girlfriend should have actually no issue reaching Destiny 2’s max irradiate level. Just make certain to remember the infusing only takes into factor to consider your armor or tools base light level and also not the level it shows with the 5 extra points from a legend Mod.