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+1. General Information+2. Summing points Up+5. Abilities+6. Strategy+8. Mythic Mode8.1. Distinctions From Normal/Heroic Mode+10. Loot


This guide is intended to administer a substantial description of theencounter v Operator Thogar in Blackrock Foundry. The is targeted at anyonewho desires to recognize the fight mechanics.

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This overview is update for human being of Warcraft WoD 6.1.2.

Operator Thogar is a boss encounter in the steel Assembly soup of theBlackrock Foundry raid instance. The struggle is atypical in the the environmentplays a big role, v your raid having to constantly prevent trains thatcome right into the struggle on 4 tracks. Overall, the fight is about correct addhandling and prioritisation, as well as intense movement.


General Information


Normal, Heroic, and also Mythic Difficulty

This main component of this guide covers both the Normal and Heroic version ofthe encounter, as much as mechanics and general strategy is concerned. The onlydifference between these two settings is found in the tuning, with Heroic beingmore difficult.

When we speak that extreme instances (such together the difficulty of a softenrage timer, or damage from a certain source being too high come survive), wemostly describe Heroic mode.

In enhancement to this, we have actually a specific Mythic setting section, wherein we existing all the differences between Normal/Heroic andMythic, and the strategy to defeat the Mythic encounter.


Enrage Timer

The encounter has actually a tough enrage timer that 8 minutes and 30 seconds, atwhich point trains come in on all 4 tracks at once, do it impossible toavoid them and also ensuring an immediate wipe.


Summing things Up

In this section, we will an extremely briefly summarise what the football player belongingto every of the 3 roles need to do throughout this fight. This is by no meansmeant to administer sufficient information to master the encounter, and it is onlysupposed to offer you a really rough idea the what to watch out for.









Avoid gift hit by any type of of the trains that enter the room.Be ready to move to her assigned part of the room when the raidsplits up right into two groups.In Mythic mode

Overview the the Fight

The encounter against Operator Thogar takes location on 4 train tracks.Throughout the fight, trains will go into the room on this tracks, and also eitherpass straight through, or stop and drop off some adds the your raid has tohandle. The trains block heat of sight and also kill any kind of players the they hit,so this aspect is an integral component of the fight.

Aside native the trains and also the adds the they fall off, you have to handleThogar himself, however the boss has very few abilities, so regulating him is nottoo complicated.

We do not have actually a video clip preview the the Operator Thogar encounter, yet werecommend this video by Kyuubis. Keep in mind that this is based upon footage indigenous theWarlords of Draenor Beta, so things can really well readjust before the fightreaches live servers.


The Environment

Before we talk about the capability of the NPCs and the strategy fordefeating them, that is crucial that girlfriend correctly recognize the environmentwhere the struggle takes place.

On the floor that the room, there room 4 train tracks (depicted below). At the start of thefight, the room is empty except for Operator Thogar, however throughoutthe encounter, trains will frequently enter and also exit the room.


Trains are large solid objects that block heat of sight and also that deal lethaldamage to any players who are hit by them. There are 4 types of train and they cancome in 2 forms: full-length train (train the is as long as a track)and half-length train (train that is half as lengthy as a track).

Non-add Trains just pass with the room and never stop.They have the right to come in on any kind of of the tracks and they have the right to be one of two people full-length orhalf-length trains.Full-Length include Trains room special execution of Half-Length AddTrains. They only come in double per fight: about 2 minutes afterthe begin of the fight and roughly 4 minute after that. Castle alwayscome in pair, in both tracks 2 and also 3, effectively separating your raid in twogroups: one group on monitor 1 that will fight the adds from the train top top Track2 and one group on monitor 4 that will fight the adds indigenous the train on Track3.

Trains come in based on a addressed pattern that does not repeat itselfthroughout the fight, yet which is always the same for every pull. We recommendthe Thogar Helperadd-on for helping you handle the trains.

It is additionally important to keep in mind that over there is no room between the tracks,so the only way to avoid a train coming your way is to move to a differenttrack.



We will begin by looking at the abilities of Operator Thogar, afterwhich we will certainly look at every the trains and the different varieties of adds that theybring into the fight.


Operator Thogar

Operator Thogar only has 3 abilities.



There room 5 species of adds present in the encounter, which we listedabove as soon as we gift the various types of trains.

Iron Gunnery Sergeants execute not descend from their train.Instead, they stay on optimal of it, using a largecannon to damage the raid, through a single ability called delay Siege Bomb.Iron Crack-Shots descend from their train and have 2 abilities.Iron Raiders descend from your train and have 2 abilities.Grom"kar Firemenders descend from your train and also have 2 abilities.Grom"kar Men-at-Arms descend from their train and also have 2 abilities.


The most crucial idea behind the strategy for this hit is that youalways have to kill the to add as conveniently as possible, in order because that the trainthat has lugged them in to move and totally free up that track. If you hold-up killingthe add to for too long, added trains will come in ~ above the staying freetracks, more restricting the an are in the room, and also possibly also killingraid members who have nowhere rather to move.

There room relatively couple of abilities in the fight, and also none of them areparticularly complex. The true complexity comes from the miscellaneous combinationsof trains the you have the right to encounter. Full-Length include Trains which come in pairtwice throughout the fight are an especially problematic.

We will begin by explaining just how to take care of Operator Thogar, since while heis the shortest priority target, that is quiet the main objective that thefight, and he will constantly be present there. Then, we will define how come handlethe adds. Finally, we will tell you just how to properly take care of Full-Length include Trains.

As a general note, we recommend staying spread out approximately the roomthroughout the fight, anytime possible, because this help a lot through avoidingsome that the damages that walk around.


Operator Thogar

Operator Thogar need to be choose up through a tank, and the 2 tanksshould carry out a tank move on the boss throughout the fight, in bespeak tohandle the

Enkindle DoT.

Raid members will need to avoid the

Prototype Pulse Grenade voidzones, and also any players that accidentally are in a void region should relocate outas conveniently as possible.

Finally, over there is not much that can be done around the boss" casts of

Berated. They can not be interrupted, and your raid"s answer to thiswill need to be to merely kill the to add quickly, before the buff has actually a chanceto stack on them.



Handling the add to is the greatest difficulty in this fight.

As us explainedabove, the steel Crack-Shots, steel Raiders,Grom"kar Firemenders, and also the Grom"kar Men-at-Arms every come intothe struggle together, on the exact same train. Once this happens, every the add to shouldbe choose up by the tanks and your raid should emphasis killing them as quicklyas possible. Below is just how you should manage these adds, in order of priority.

After this, the steel Crack-Shots and the iron Raiders are the shortest inorder that priority. These adds deserve to be killed mostly v AoE and also incidentaldamage, but you should still emphasis on death them off prior to going ago toOperator Thogar.

When a train transporting an iron Gunnery Sergeant come in, yourranged raid members should easily switch come this target and also kill it asquickly as possible. Melee players cannot reach the iron Gunnery Sergeant, sothey can continue attacking the other targets.Handling the delayed Siege Bomb ability is not very complicated. Together soonas a player is target by that (the ceo targets the player in inquiry andthe capability has a cast time), they should run out of the raid, ideally close tothe edge of the room. This will cause the bomb to land and embed itself inthe ground there, an interpretation that when it explodes 30 seconds later, it will certainly beout that the method of the raid.


Full-Length add Trains

As formerly said, Full-Length add Trains come twice per fight:at roughly 2 minutes into the fight, and also roughly 4 minute after that. They alwayscome in pair, occupying both tracks 2 and 3.

When this happens, her raid will have actually to split into two groups, eachone v its own tank and also healers. One group will have to move on monitor 1to struggle the adds from the train on monitor 2 and also the other group will haveto move on monitor 4 come fight the adds from the train on monitor 3.If her raid fails to split properly, and also the add to descend top top a track the is isolatedfrom the remainder of the room (blocked off by the train top top the adjacent track),those adds will be stuck there indefinitely, and they will spam

throw Grenade at your raid, bring about a wipe.

The adds need to be killed an extremely quickly, prior to trains come in on monitor 1 and4, because your raid has nowhere to walk to protect against them (unless the adds room killedand monitor 2 and also 3 are freed as a result).


When to use Heroism/Bloodlust/Time Warp

We recommend making use of

Time Warpat the begin of the fight. In ~ this time, your raid members should have actually alltheir DPS cooldowns and potions active, and there is not lot going ~ above in thefight to distract you.


Mythic Mode

The Mythic mode of the Operator Thogar conference is very comparable to theNormal/Heroic mode. A new kind of train, a brand-new weapon, and also a brand-new ability areadded, and also these transforms make the struggle more complicated and include difficulty.


Differences native Normal/Heroic Mode

All the mobs in the conference have more health and also deal much more damage,compared to their Normal and Heroic setting counterparts, which is standard forany Mythic encounter. As well as this, over there is a brand-new train, a brand-new weapon onan existing train, and also a new ability.

8.1.1. Deforester Trains

Deforester trains get in the fight numerous times transparent theencounter. They move gradually through the conference area, taking approximately 20seconds come traverse it. During this time, a fire jet shoots the end from theDeforester, towards its left, every the means across the room. This lasts because that theentire duration of the train"s passage, an interpretation that the entire component of theroom come train"s left will be impacted (though, obviously, not at the same time,but together the train moves).

Coming in contact with the fire jet uses a 15-second Fire damages DoTcalled burning to players, and also this dot does stack if players remainin the jet for longer. Burning can not be dispelled.

Deforesters get in the hit at fairly set times, together follows.

25 seconds after the start of the fight, on track 1.3 minute after the start of the fight, on monitor 1 and also 4 (traveling inopposite directions).4 minutes and also 30 secs after the start of the fight, on monitor 1.6 minutes and also 40 secs after the begin of the fight, on tracks 2 and 3(again, travel in opposite directions).7 minutes and 15 secs after the begin of the fight, on track 4.7 minutes and 30 secs after the start of the fight, on track 3.
8.1.2. Obliterator Cannon

Iron Gunnery Sergeant trains are also equipped with anObliterator Cannon. This cannon targets locations on the floor of theroom, and also fires projectiles the land there a few seconds later. This ability,called OBLITERATION, pipeline a fiery ring in ~ that ar for 30seconds. Any kind of players who come in contact with the edge of the ring aredebuffed by the exact same Burning period that we pointed out above. TheObliterator Cannons can not be assaulted or killed.

It is crucial to keep in mind that Obliteration always targets the sameareas the the floor (3 per track) and not the locations of players.

8.1.3. New Ability: Lava Shock

The Grom"kar Firemenders acquire a brand-new ability referred to as Lava Shock. This is an interruptible spell cast that targets a randomraid member, interrupting that player and also locking them out of their school ofmagic, if they are in the process of spreading a spell. Lava Shock likewise leaves a3-second Fire damages DoT on the player.



While the strategy because that the conference remains mainly the same, the brand-new trainand the brand-new weapon will certainly severely complicate matters. The burning DoTis very unforgiving, and also ended up with an ext than 2 stacks will frequently provelethal. This way that taking care of the new train and the brand-new weapon correctly isvery important.

Before we talk around these two elements, however, we should cite the Lava Shock ability. There is no an excellent complexity for handling it, andthe best means to carry out it is to interrupt that whenever the is cast, and to death theGrom"kar Firemenders promptly.

The Deforesters are usually easy sufficient to deal with, as soon as theycome in one in ~ a time. The means to manage them for most raid members is torun v the jet the fire, i beg your pardon will an outcome in one or 2 stacks ofBurning, which can then be cure through. Some classes, however, have means ofgetting through the jet quicker, acquiring only one stack of Burning, and otherclasses still deserve to avoid getting stacks altogether (such together Mages using


The real challenge of Deforesters is as soon as they come in two at the same time,which wake up at 3 minutes and 6 minutes and also 40 seconds right into the fight. Whenthis happens, you will have to discover a way to acquire past both jets withoutreceiving an ext than 2 stacks the Burning. Typically, this way crossing the jetof one oncoming Deforester as quickly as the enters the room, and also then running awayfrom the jet of the other Deforester till the Burning period has had a chance todrop off.

Whenever steel Gunnery Sergeant trains enter the room, players willhave come be very careful to protect against getting any Burning stacks indigenous the firerings left behind by OBLITERATION. The area inside each ring is safe,so players have the right to attempt to continue to be there from beginning to end, but this is notusually advised due to the fact that rings last because that 30 seconds, and also players might have come moveout of that location earlier than that. Instead, we recommend players come standoutside the rings, because despite the fact that they room large, there is stillplenty of room available around them.

The an initial thing your raid members must understand to gain through this encounteris properly relocating out that the method of just arrived trains. This could sound simple,but the is simple to forget to relocate when you room busy with other tasks, and thetrains are an extremely unforgiving. We recommend having someone calling the end wheretrains space coming from, and also when, at least until every raid members learn tomove correctly.

The second important part of the fight is when the raid has actually to split upinto 2 groups, to take care of Full-Length add Trains.This is one intense minute of the fight, because the add to on both monitor 1 and4 have to die very quickly (before any kind of train come in on those tracks, sinceplayers have actually nowhere rather to move). Maximising DPS throughout these moments willbe crucial, as will splitting the raid"s DPS in a balanced way.

In this section, friend will uncover the booty table for Operator Thogar. The ar isdivided in 3 subsections: armor, weapons, and also the remainder (neck, back, finger, and trinket items).

In addition, Operator Thogar deserve to drop tokens required for the Shoulders items of the Tier 17 set:

Item name Armor Slot an additional Stats
Spaulders of reassuring Flame — LFR
Cloth Shoulders Multistrike Mastery
Woundsear Robes (Heroic, Mythic)
Cloth Chest Haste flexibility
Bracers that Enkindled strength (Heroic, Mythic)
Cloth Wrists Haste critical Strike
Grips of cauterization — LFR
Cloth Hands Mastery Multistrike
Squire"s Electroplated Bracers (Heroic, Mythic)
Leather Wrists Mastery Haste
Sniper"s Ammo Belt — LFR
Leather Waist Multistrike Mastery
Conductor"s Multi-Pocket Girdle (Heroic, Mythic)
Leather Waist crucial Strike Multistrike
Raider"s Spikeholder Belt — LFR
Mail Waist Multistrike Mastery
Grenadier"s Belt (Heroic, Mythic)
Mail Waist Multistrike Mastery
Railwalker"s Ratcheted Boots (Heroic, Mythic)
Mail Feet Mastery Multistrike
Waistplate that Obliteration — LFR
Plate Waist Mastery an important Strike
Gunnery Sergeant"s Legplates — LFR
Plate Legs Mastery flexibility
iron Bellow Sabatons (Heroic, Mythic)
Plate Feet Haste vital Strike

item Name kind Main Stats second Stats
Thogar"s Imperialistic Spire — LFR
1H Sword Intellect Multistrike Haste
Engine-Stoker"s Lantern (Heroic, Mythic)
1H Sword Intellect Multistrike Haste
Crack-Shot Longrifle — LFR
1H Sword Agility Haste Multistrike
Thogar"s manage Rod (Heroic, Mythic)
1H Sword Strength Haste Mastery

item Name form Main Stats an additional Stats
Thogar"s Serrated Chain (Heroic, Mythic)
Amulet Strength Multistrike Mastery
Deadshot Longcloak — LFR
Cloak Agility Multistrike Mastery
Lava Shock Seal — LFR
Ring Intellect critical Strike spirit
Firemender"s Smoldering Signet (Heroic, Mythic)
Ring Intellect vital Strike soul
Siege Bomber"s band (Heroic, Mythic)
Ring Agility toughness crucial Strike Bonus Armor

This concludes ours raid overview for Operator Thogar. We hope you havefound the helpful. Please perform not hesitate to post any type of feedback friend may have onour forums.

13 Apr. 2015: added Mythic mode strategy.

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02 Mar. 2015: included hard enrage timer.06 Feb. 2015: Clarified that the trains execute come in ~ above a pattern, and included a link to the Thogar Helper add-on.+ show all entries- display only an initial 2 entries