What are Wolf Marks?

Wolf Marks room the currency rewarded from basic PvP activities in Final Fantasy XIV! wolf Marks deserve to be earned indigenous all forms of PvP, even if it is it's Frontlines, rival Wings, or the Feast.

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Likewise, they room earned nevertheless of success or loss. However, just how much you knife does vary both on the mode and whether you execute win or lose. There room also challenge logs come earn some extra wolf Marks as well as a daily Challenge. The rewards do not readjust for different maps of the same mode (for example, Frontlines Secure and also Frontlines Nadaam give the exact same rewards).


Do note that these are various from Wolf Collars—a totem reward indigenous ranked PvP. However, if you have actually some extra wolf Collars lying roughly that you aren't plan on using, girlfriend could choose to profession them in for wolf Marks by talking to the Feast Quartermaster.


PvP TypeConditionWolf Marks

1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place


Rival Wings



Rival Wings



Challenge Log

Each the the 6 logs


Wolf Collar Exchange

1 Collar









Please keep in mind that challenge Log, daily Challenge, and the actual complement rewards all stack!

That method if you space doing a Daily challenge Frontline, friend will obtain the 500–1000 Wolf note reward and the 1000 difficulty reward for a complete of 1500–2000 wolf Marks. If somehow that was your 7th enhance of the day (perhaps friend did the an initial 6 by queuing directly), you would certainly get an additional 1000 wolf Marks on height of that.

Increasing Wolf mark Gains

It is possible to rise Wolf clues earned indigenous matches by utilizing the FC activity "Mark Up" (5%) and "Mark up II" (10%). If her FC is willing to use an Aetherial Wheel for a Wolf note buff, possibly for a FC PvP night, the Wheel of Rivalry is provided to get the 15% buff.

These is no Squadron buff for wolf Marks, so friend do have to convince your FC to make use of this.

This buff will increase all Wolf note rewards—including difficulty log, daily an obstacle bonus, and Wolf Collar exchange.

Note: i tested every these together I yes, really did not think that would influence the difficulty log, however it did.


Where to spend Wolf Marks?

All shops that use Wolf marks are found in the Wolves' Den Pier.

The Arms companies only provide weaponsThe Armor Outfitters only carry out armor and accessoriesThe Wolves' Den Provisioner has actually 1 item of Armor (glamour) and a range of:EmotesMinionsFurnitureOrchestrion RollsDark matter (for self-repairs)Glamour PrismsSquadron Rationing hand-operated (15% PvE crowd EXP buff)


Gil Analysis: Saving and Earning Gil via wolf Marks

Wolf point out aren't impressive for Gil, yet there room some methods to make use of it.

Gear right into Grand agency Seals

A common option for countless currencies. Execute be cautious as several of the equipment from wolf Marks has things level the 1 starting in Stormblood whereby you will certainly either get no seals, or practically none.

This is the highest potential for Gil earning, though it will differ a lot based on your sector Board. The GC sector fluctuates a lot, especially in the couple of weeks that a patch. The does balance out later in the patch. This also means needing rather a little bit of retainer an are for listings.

The best GC price will it is in the i110, i205, and also i100 accessories (in that order).

If the common GC mats are selling for under 200 Gil (Potash, Hardened Sap, Borax, Coke) and you're no willing to do extra research into the less usual items, you might want to relocate on to . . .

Glamour Prisms

You deserve to sell glamour prisms on the industry Board. This don't fluctuate rather as lot as materials from GC seals. That being said, the prices I've viewed for glamour prism (from 200 to 400 Gil) would certainly still put these lower than many GC material prices I've ever seen. The main benefit of this alternative is having to perform less sector research and fewer listings (as high stacks usually offer without much issue). If her glamour prism are marketing for 270 Gil or reduced on the industry Board, you might want to take into consideration the following option . . .

Gil evaluation for potential Marketboard outcomes – will vary drastically and also used to illustrate the potential of convert to GC seals.

Vendoring Gear

Buying gear to then market for Gil to an NPC is actually a decent option once it concerns Wolf Marks. It's a bit difficult to record the profit as, unlike v GC, the Gil price transforms per article so carry out be careful what girlfriend buy. In mine analysis, I just picked a price—usually one the was much more in the middle.

The priority would be:

i110, i100, i90 shieldi110, i100 equipment (no belts) that 430+ Gili70 shieldall remaining i110, i100 equipment (no belts!)i205,i180 equipment & belts

I to speak priority due to the fact that these room unique. You have the right to use your retainers in inventory setting to "Have Retainers sell Items" to sell these. However, if that's a bit too slow and you want to go to an yes, really NPC to sell a bit faster, you'll more than likely want to carry out it in one trip and thus invest as plenty of Wolf Marks as possible.

There is one more an excellent option, the technically earns less Gil however can still it is in worthwhile if you simply want to gain something also faster and not have to sell anything:

Dark Matter

If you've acquired crafters leveled up, that way you can do self-repairs utilizing Dark Matter. Since you can actually buy Dark issue for Gil, you space "earning" (saving) Gil by not buying these from consistent vendors. Since all the Dark matter are the very same Wolf mark cost, and you can use higher matter on reduced level gear if you really desire to, the class 7s are merely the finest option.

Risky Options

Selling Orchestrion roll is the risky option. This items don't offer often, so you deserve to only sell a 1–2 at a time without flooding your very own market, if who else gets the exact same idea you'll probably be undercutting each various other over and over prior to someone in reality buys the item. Due to the fact that of that, the prices are extremely unreliable, yet if you're ready to take the risk, this might pay off big.

A an imaginative Way of do Gil

Most everything else is untradable and also thus impossible to knife Gil from.

However, if you have actually decorating permission, you can place the item, which would enable someone rather to likewise move it. This is particularly used by FC houses where the human being decorating might need furniture but does not perform PvP. You might barter for something in return for her troubles.

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Can wolf Marks Be used for Relics?

They deserve to be supplied to gain GC seals, which consequently are supplied for

A kingdom Reborn

Bombard Core


PneumiteAdamantite FrancescaTitanium Alloy MirrorDispelling ArrowKingcake

Aside from that, do Gil (for the steps where Gil is an choice or requirement) is the only other relic-related activity possible.