Most essential Tip (aka #1): constantly pay attention to the temperature of your Tallbird Egg, or risk having actually it turn into Wet Goop / a cooked Morsel! If a dare is in ~ its correct temperature, the one it deserve to survive at, climate it'll be a slightly-darker-than-sky blue and it'll shake slightly. If the dare is as well cold, then it'll revolve a pale, ice blue and it'll shiver favor crazy. If the te is also hot, climate it'll turn red and also stay greatly idle.

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Tip 2: never ever leave her Tallbird Egg alone for as well long. 30 seconds is well enough, and also only execute it if you're confident the your car will remain at its exactly temperature for long enough. Leaving her TE unattended is extremely unrecommended simply in general, though, and it is way to store the TE's flower site close to the edge of your screen when you move away from her TE. If you desire to relocate a couple of screens away, take your TE with you.

Tip 3: Stick come a certain routine -- Plop her Tallbird Egg in your inventory and go the end foraging for your own food throughout Day, head back and mine tree for your Campfire / Fire Pit, and also when feasible light up your Campfire / Fire Pit and also start hatching her TE. Cook food for yourself if girlfriend want, yet not the seeds! throughout night, just stay through your TE and also cook her food.

Tip 4: gather as many seeds together you can! You'll require them for when your Smallbird hatches. Unless you room in one emergency, perform NOT EAT AND/OR cook THE SEEDS! I may be wrong, however I'm pretty certain Smallbirds will not obtain hunger from cooked seeds.

Tip 5: If an emergency occurs, grab the egg and run! have to be self-explanatory. Don't wanna dice trying to stay close to your egg as soon as a fill of hounds come!

Tip 6: shot to aim because that Autumn, or sometimes, Spring, once trying come hatch your Tallbird Egg. Summer in vanilla. all of the other seasons are, in general, also harsh or difficult to effort to hatch your TE, in mine experience. I haven't tried to hatch a car in RoG Summer, however I'm assuming it's pretty difficult.


If friend have any suggestions or various other tips, then you re welcome tell me and also anyone who might be analysis the comments!

Also, feel complimentary to point out any problems this guide may have. I'm relatively new to Don't Starve, therefore I could not have actually the ideal insight for things prefer these.

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Oh, and this mostly comes from a No Sweat RoG mobile world yet I think it can apply to standard in various other settings as well.