Set in Java is an user interface which extends Collection. That is an unordered repertoire of objects in which duplicate values cannot it is in stored.Basically, collection is implemented by HashSet, LinkedHashSet or TreeSet (sorted representation).Set has various techniques to add, eliminate clear, size, and so on to boost the usage of this interface.

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Method 1: utilizing Constructor:In this method first we create an array then convert it to a list and also then happen it come the HashSet constructor that accepts one more collection.Integer facets of the set are published in sorted order.
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Method 2 using Collections:Collections course consists that several approaches that run on collections.a) Collection.addAll() : adds every the specified aspects to the specified repertoire of the specified type.b) Collections.unmodifiableSet() : to add the elements and returns one unmodifiable watch of the stated set.

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Method 3: making use of .add() each timeCreate a set and utilizing .add() method we include the aspects into the set

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