The in-game stats window in Counter-Strike: worldwide Offensive consists of a highlighted prefix before details players"s names. It appears to be a team/clan tag prefer players sometimes include directly in their vapor display names.

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I went v the in-game settings however I don"t see any place to specify this. There"s no option to kind in a form in a team name, or any means to join a team.

How execute I adjust the my team name?


The team names room representative that the teams that you belong come on Steam.

In stimulate to adjust the team surname you need to belong to any group that has actually a tag. Girlfriend can uncover these groups under the neighborhood section the your vapor Interface. Many public groups are open to join with small hassle. Just click the sign up with group connect on the appropriate hand side.

After you sign up to any kind of of these teams you can change your setups in game to the tag friend want. In game go come "Settings menu" → "Game Settings" → "Team" → "Steam group Clan Tag":




mp_teamname_1 and also mp_teamname_2 in the console

optional: mp_teamlogo_1 and mp_teamlogo_2 i.e mp_teamlogo_1 vp (short because that Virtus Pro)mp_teamlogo_2 liq (short for Team Liquid) and also mp_teamflag 1 and also mp_teamflag_2)



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