Today I"m going to display you exactly how to make the new crown item, one of the three new recently included helmets using the brand-new smithing table functionality!

First off we need:

- x1 gold helmet

- x3 yellow nuggets

- at least 1 Blaze powder



Which makes sense, blaze powder is used warm things, and also you require to warm metal to smith it, and you need a hammer to offer it shape.

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So, next, we require to location these items in this formation, and the blaze powder in it"s designated slot.


Now we wait for the arrow shaped development bar to fill up and also then we need to wait because that the second component of the process to complete.

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Once complete, the blaze powder is still over there to use one more time, and also we have a fresh new gold crown, and you may be asking: Why do a crown?

And I"d phone call you: because it"s precise the swaggiest point ever


Swaggyness aside, the gold crown likewise offers a brand-new attribute called: Thorns

Kind of how protection boosts the default armor attribute, the mandrel enchantment improves this attribute.

We can additionally observe 2 more exciting things, one is that it share the very same ID together a golden helmet! and second: it"s Nbt data suggests it"s type, paving the way for version data to be enforced in datapacks in the future!

I hope you appreciated this tutorial! I"ll be sharing a sneak height of the next to come!

Add this come pe and add frikkin arms and poses to armor stand in java... Prefer why execute we gotta have actually all this cool attributes separated between versions

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