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About the Book

Hieroglyphs are pictures used as indicators in writing. As soon as standing prior to an ancient tablet computer in a museum or visiting an Egyptian monument, we marvel in ~ this unique writing and puzzle end its meaning. Now, with the help of Egyptologists note Collier and Bill Manley, museum-goers, tourists, and armchair travelers alike can obtain a an easy knowledge that the language and culture of ancient Egypt. Collier and also Manley"s novel approach is notified by years of endure teaching Egyptian hieroglyphs to non-specialists. Utilizing attractive drawings of actual inscriptions presented in the brothers Museum, they concentrate on the type of hieroglyphs readers can encounter in various other collections, particularly funerary writings and tomb scenes. Each chapter introduces a new aspect the hieroglyphic manuscript or middle Egyptian grammar and also encourages acquisition of reading skills with valuable exercises. The texts market insights right into the day-to-day experiences that their ancient authors and touch ~ above topics varying from pharaonic administration to family life to the Egyptian way of death. Through this publication as a guide, one can enjoy a whole new experience in expertise Egyptian art and artifacts around the world.

About the Author

Mark Collier is Lecturer in Egyptology in ~ the college of Liverpool. Bill Manley teaches Egyptology at the university of Glasgow. Richard Parkinson is Curator in the room of Egyptian Antiquities in ~ the brother Museum.

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"With the burgeoning public interest in all points Egyptian, as well as with the expansion in self-study and also distance learning, especially fostered by the Internet, this publication fills a definite need . . . Students who finish the great will uncover themselves able come read, at least in part, many common and straightforward inscriptions."—Journal of close to Eastern Studies"In most books of this sort, a an easy outline that the grammar is presented first, in addition to varying amounts of background and context, and also then various real or made-up messages that the student should have the ability to read, through some assistance with vocabulary and also grammar. Just how to review Egyptian Hieroglyphs takes a slightly different approach. Over there is no conversation of the history of decipherment, the historical development of the Egyptian language, or the connection of Egyptian to various other Afro-Asiatic languages; it rather dives right right into real Egyptian texts. And also it introduce far more of the grammar than various other such books, including participles and also relative forms."—Middle east Studies association Bulletin“The toughness of this publication are many. . . . It is specifically recommended for the educated general reader who wishes to be a much more info notified museum visitor, or the individual who intends come graduate to among the fuller grammars provided today to teach center Egyptian."—Near eastern Archaeological culture Bulletin

Table of Contents

Introduction come the modification Edition1. Hieroglyphs2. More Uses that Hieroglyphs3. Special Writings4. Scenes and Captions5. Description6. Further elements of Description7. Characterisation8. The FutureHieroglyphic Sign-Lists because that the ExercisesReference TablesEgyptian-English VocabularyKey to the ExercisesBibliography and Further ReadingIndex