You could be confused about how to reload in The critical of us 2 since there’s no a specialized button because that the action. Unfortunately, due to how slow-moving your character often tends to reload, going right into a battle with your firearm fully loaded is essential. This is particularly true at greater obstacles when having a fully loaded weapon is the difference in between life and also death.

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How to reload in The last of united state 2


Instead of using a specialized reload button, The last of us 2 calls for you to execute an action that may seem counter-intuitive. To reload your weapon in TLOU2, you have to press the R2 button when no aiming. If you discover yourself confused around refilling the magazine in the game, that’s not surprising. In most games, if you push the fire button, your character will still shoot also when you’re not aiming.

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All the weapons in the game follow this typical reload pattern. However, the bow is a special situation here. As soon as you hold L2, Ellie will nock an arrow. Through aiming and also holding the fire button, her character will attract the bowstring and prepare to let loose. In this case, you may want to cancel the action. To cancel shoot the bow, just release the aim button.

As a rule, the an ext powerful the gun, the longer it takes come reload. This is other you’ll desire to store in mental when selecting which weapon come use. Thankfully, numerous of the firearms have upgrades that expand magazine volume or reload speed. These upgrades room incredibly advantageous given the the default reload time for each weapon, even the much faster ones favor the handgun, is relatively slow.

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Unfortunately, there’s no way to expand your default ammo capacity. It no make sense that your character only carries roughly two magazines for each weapon. I suppose we’re supposed to suspend disbelief for that.

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