Most auto owners only know just how to eliminate a balancer making use of a puller. You can use various methods to eliminate it. That is daunting to achieve if you don’t know how to eliminate harmonic balancer there is no puller.

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And one of the means pulling it without utilizing a puller since it takes about 30 minutes to carry out that. Pulling it deserve to vary, yet that relies on the kind of automobile that you own. This blog offers you comprehensive information on just how you can do that effortlessly. So…

What is Harmonic Balancer?

This is critical accessory that your vehicle must have since it is tasked to maintain your crankshaft, therefore ensuring the lasts because that a lengthy time. It generates a huge amount of energy your auto requires to operate smoothly. Occasionally your engine could fall apart early to consistent vibrations.


It has two basic pieces to enable your engine to run seamlessly. So, the very first one is a component the produces enough energy. Over there is a rubber insulator the separates it. Mass is the 2nd one attached to the crankshaft.

The fixed absorbs energy and also forces indigenous the crankshaft when the car engine is operational. The engine generates a huge amount of pressure which can cause it come crack. This can result in number of unforeseen problems.

Therefore, that inhibits the forces generated by the engine indigenous tearing that apart. It is why it is linked to the front component of the engine to minimization vibrations. When turning on her machine, the cylinders often tend to move, developing a rotational force effect on the crankshaft.

This can cause damage to it and fail in the lengthy run. The crankshaft is responsible because that converting the energy produced, producing a organic rotational activity that allows the vehicle wheels to move. Therefore, the harmonic balancer absorbs the impact of vibrations to avoid further damages to the engine.

If the is broken or damaged, the crankshaft could crack because of excessive vibrations. The ideal thing to carry out is to change it immediately. To download the brand-new one, you should know how to remove harmonic balancer there is no puller to stop replacement costs. 

It has a most benefits; thus, the is command to obtain an aftermarket version. That is easy to install and fits well in your vehicle.

How to eliminate Harmonic Balancer there is no Puller

When your automobile engine is running, it create vibrations that affect it negatively. Because that instance, the crankshaft could fail come sustain the too much vibrations. It is why you require to get a functional and also original version due to the fact that it theatre a significant role in this process.

Ensure that as soon as shopping for it, inspect if the comes through an accessory the absorbs overfill energy and rotational mass. The mass helps to absorb vibrations created by the engine. Thus staying clear of a possible crack effect due to excessive stress and strain.


Removing a balancer is simple and simple if you have the crucial tools to perform it. Several of the equipment needed include:

BoltsScrewdriversSocketsChiselJack standsGogglesProtective glovesHammerStrap

These room the most common tools you need to have. Now, follow the step-by-step procedure listed below of how to pull a harmonic balancer there is no a puller.

Step #1: obtain your auto Ready

Place the on a raised ground and support it using a jack stand. Certain you rotate off your engine and set the parking brake. Put on important protective gear such as goggles, gloves, etc. Raising your car enables you to situate the balancer. Now get your mounting kit.

Step #2: Take the end the Serpentine Belt to with the Balancer

To situate the serpentine belt beneath the spring tension, you should eliminate engine covers. Use a wrench to press the spring stress on the opposite side to relax the belt. Currently remove it from the sheave at the bottom and all the other accessories.

A serpentine belt is critical accessory due to the fact that it web links the engine with the balancer. It also provides the essential power come air condition, compressors, and several other car systems. Some cars have actually at the very least two or much more serpentine belts to regulate all the tasks.

Step #3: perform away with the facility Bolt

Before you remove the facility bolt, girlfriend need an initial to find it. It is located in front of the crankshaft, and also it is responsible for holding her harmonic balancer steady in place. The is exceptionally tight; therefore, you need robust equipment to eliminate it.

You have the right to only accessibility the balancer ~ removing the bolt. Therefore, use a socket that fits firmly on the bolt. Revolve on the engine to enable the bolt come rotate and also loosen up. This method is highly effective and also saves time.

Step #4: remove the Pulley

Several automobile engines have a wheel that off the facility bolt and harmonic balancer; therefore, that is simple to traction it out. Use a screwdriver to turn slightly, and with the aid of a pickle fork, you have the right to remove the slowly. Girlfriend can also use her hands if friend feel the it’s unnecessary to usage the fork.

Step #5: Pull out the Harmonic Balancer

This step calls for you to utilize durable and highly reputable straps to remove it. Girlfriend don’t must purchase a sheave for this task, so save that cash for later use. You need to insert your durable strap between the room carefully.

Position the steadily approximately its center. Proceed pulling the strap progressively till it comes out with the harmonic balancer. After ~ that, you have the right to embark on installation the brand-new one. Replacement is easy and straightforward, and also it takes couple of minutes.

Instances causing Harmonic Balancer Replacement

Now that you have actually a basic understanding of how to eliminate harmonic balancer there is no puller, carry out you know what causes its replacement? So, if it stops working to work, then there is an worry that has actually caused it. 

If you experience this, you should replace that immediately. Here are few of the usual problems that can force friend to replace them.


Misaligned timing Marks

This is a common problem affect it. The timing marks can change due to engine slips, therefore making the balancer mistakenly time the engine. The marks tend to move once if both the inner ring and also the outer ring room separated.

You can notice this while comparing the on the valve train. Therefore, inspect for misaligned time marks to enable you to gain a practical and also handy balancer.

Faulty infection System

The transmission process can be impacted negatively if the balancer falls short to absorb vibrations in the crankshaft. Vibrations and shocks can cause severe damage to the input shaft, bearings, and also gears. It is command to certain that any issue regarded transmission doesn’t affect the balancer.

Constant vibrations can result in many problems. Therefore, always check for typical flaws in the transmission system. This is since a faulty transmission device can damage it.

Squealing Sound

During rotation, it can produce a whining sound. This cannot stop, no matter just how you apply enough dressing to the belt. The only solution is to replace it.

Separated Balancer

The most common thing that causes its separation is the worn-out rubber. A separate balancer have the right to make you shed some critical accessories in the engine. That is a very far-ranging accessory that makes the auto engine an effective and effective.

If you notice that that faulty and separated, look for the aid of a professional mechanic because that checking and feasible replacement. If you execute so, you was standing a chance of getting a quality aftermarket version such asDorman Engine Harmonic Balancer because that Select vehicle models.

Frequently Asked questions (FAQs)


What deserve to lead to mine harmonic balancer wear-out?

It can wear out because of some issues such as excessive heat. Continuous torsional vibrations an outcome in the generation of warmth which makes it to be heated up. Another possible cause is a poor installation i beg your pardon can cause it to crack. To protect against this, do the suitable installation process.

What is the best method to check if mine balancer is functional?

Turn on your engine and check if the balancer is creating wobbles. Light the flashlight straight into it and observe if the goes in and out during rotation. If you notice some wobbles, turn it off because it is spoilt.

What are the commons indicators of damaged harmonic balancer?

Vibrations and shock that the engine is the supposed sign. Its role is come absorb these vibrations and also shocks that you use on the crankshaft. Some other signs incorporate wobbles, unfamiliar noises, wear, and tear, etc.

What can happen if my balancer fails to role correctly?

If it stops working or becomes also old, the engine tends to shake also much. And, if the shakes come to be pronounced excessively, it can be hazardous come your vehicle engine when driving at an incredible speed.


Removing the is pretty lot easy and also straightforward since you have the right to do it yourself. If you understand exactly how to remove harmonic balancer without puller, it becomes instrumental when friend run into a problem. Seek the aid of a mechanic if you cannot perform it alone.

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If you monitor the thorough steps in this article, friend can be able to remove it effortlessly. This is because it enlightens girlfriend on the best way to execute that. Girlfriend should manipulate a durable and highly efficient strap.