Wondering exactly how to undo the view grid in Illustrator? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

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Adobe Illustrator doesn’t need any type of special introduction. If you are acquainted with Adobe products, climate you have to be familiar with Adobe Illustrator as well. To be details Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic software. You have the right to design, art, draw, and do a lot more using Adobe Illustrator. The software is packed v features and also tools.

As a matter of fact, even professional Adobe Illustrator individuals don’t recognize all the functions that Illustrator offers. For example, many people want to know about the view Grid. Possibilities are girlfriend are right here to get familiar with the perspective grid device better. And, we space going to explain a couple of things about this device in this post.

So, if you room ready, climate let’s begin…

What is the view Grid in Adobe Illustrator?

Typically, girlfriend will find a list of many tools ~ above the left-hand next of the main screen on Adobe Illustrator. Among them, one device is the view grid. This device is for advanced designs.

So you will need to master using the tool first. ~ you have actually got good with this certain tool, you will certainly perform brand-new and distinct things ~ above Adobe Illustrator.


In short, the perspective grid permits the user to bring texts, symbols, objects, etc. In perspective. Under the view tool, you will find two devices such as Perspective grid Tool and Perspective an option Tool.

You can lug out the specific tool by clicking on the ‘Perspective net Tool’ icon from the device list ~ above the screen’s left side.

The symbol will look choose a diagonal line checker box. You deserve to press the ‘SHIFT+P’ tricks simultaneously on her keyboard, and the view Grid device will it is in activated.

Now that you are acquainted with the perspective grid in Adobe Illustrator, let’s learn how to use it.

How to Undo the view Grid in Adobe Illustrator?

First, we will certainly cover just how to undo or reset the perspective grid. A lot of brand-new users have complained that as soon as the perspective Grid device is selected, castle cannot eliminate it indigenous the screen.

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So, they want to learn how to reset/remove/undo/delete the view grid in Adobe Illustrator.


Lucky because that you, there room multiple means you have the right to undo the perspective grid in Illustrator. And we space going come share lock one by one in this section.

Method #1 making use of the plane Switching Widget

Once you have activated the ‘Perspective network Tool’, friend will notification the ‘Plane switching Widget’ on the optimal left corner of the screen. It will look like a rounded 3D box. There will certainly be an ‘X’/‘Cross’ symbol on the top-left edge of the widget. So, take it your computer mouse pointer over that widget and click top top the ‘X’ icon.

When you have actually taken the mouse cursor over the ‘X/Cross’ icon, girlfriend will check out a popup labeling ‘Hide Grid’. When you have actually clicked ~ above that, the view grid will certainly disappear indigenous the screen. Or else, friend can additionally press the ‘ESC’ key on the keyboard to cancel the view grid.

Method #3 utilizing the ‘View’ Menu

There is another method of removed the view Grid native the screen. Come this, you have to use the ‘View’ menu from the top menu bar. This is how…


Steps to Follow

First, click the ‘View’ option from the top menu barThen, float the mouse pointer end or click the ‘Perspective Grid’ option from the dropdown menuIn law so, there will be one more dropdown food selection with a couple of more options. From there, you have actually to click the ‘Hide Grid’ optionRemember, if the perspective Grid device is no activated, you can also activate it making use of the exact same methodTo perform that, navigate to the ‘View>Perspective Grid>Show Grid’ option, and also it will appear on the screen

Method #3 Using key-board Shortcuts

Both of the above-mentioned methods are great. However, they space not quick enough. So it can hamper your productivity while do the efforts those methods to activate/hide the view Grid tool.

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As a result, we room sharing the easiest and also fastest method to hide or turn off the view Grid tool.


To eliminate the view Grid, press the ‘CTRL+SHIFT+I’ keys simultaneously on your keyboard. If you want to bring the tool when again, you have the right to use the very same ‘CTRL+SHIFT+I’ shortcut on your home windows PC.

That is it. Currently you know just how to reset or undo or hide or revolve off the view Grid device in Adobe Illustrator.

Wrap Up

There is no denying the Adobe Illustrator is among the best – if no the finest – software application for illustrations, drawings, artworks, and graphic designing. The is full of advantageous features. Among them is the ‘Perspective Grid’ feature. This is a valuable tool if you deserve to use it.

This article has tried to share a couple of important pieces of information related come the ‘Perspective Grid’ menu choices in Adobe Illustrator. We hope you will have the ability to undo it from currently on after analysis this post.

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Still, if you have any kind of other questions about Adobe Illustrator, you deserve to let us understand in the comment section. In ~ the very same time, if you likewise use Adobe Photoshop, you deserve to read this informative short article on ‘How to get Rid of choice Lines in Photoshop’.