If you’ve ever driven an larger vehicle, you’ve more than likely noticed that it requires an ext energy to turn the steering wheel when contrasted to a contemporary model. This is many thanks to the power steering device that come as traditional in more recent cars. It makes it much easier for girlfriend to turn your steered wheels.

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Without it, your car would feel incredibly heavy to turn and your arms would most likely ache after lengthy drives. Older cars made between the 1950s and early 2000s come equipped with hydraulic strength steering if those do in the last few years function the electrical power assist. 

Before finding out how come reset strength steering aid fault message that you acquire on her dash, it’s command to first find out what device your automobile uses. Hydraulic strength steering uses pressurized hydraulic liquid to apply the force needed to command the wheels. That comprises a pump and hydraulic lines that store the fluid running. 

Electric strength steering, on the various other hand, uses an electrical motor that is controlled by the car’s electric system to provide the energy needed to steer. Sensors are supplied to finding the lot of effort the driver is using to the steering wheel so together to provide the forced amount that assist.

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Common power Steering Problems and also FixesFAQ

How come Reset strength Steering assist Fault

To reset the strength steering assist fault message, closeup of the door your vehicle off and restart it. Repeat the process two or 3 times. A restart should help reset all the electricals in your auto including the steering assist.

The power steering device is a an essential feature that can cause significant safety issues if the fails. It’s, therefore, no guaranteed that resetting the fault post will solve your problems. Psychic to get all the parts examined by a standard mechanic also if the over solution works.

Below are few of the strength steering problems and also common fixes that you can additionally look out for.

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Common power Steering Problems and Fixes

1. Unresponsive or Rigid electric Steering


An unresponsive or strictly steering wheel is a typical problem that occurs in vehicles fitted with electrical Power Steering (EPS). The mechanism continuously carries out scans come ensure the strength steering stays useful at every times. If it detects an error, you’ll obtain the message ‘Power Steering assist Fault’ on her dash.

The system generally disables the power steering assist, which provides the wheels exponentially difficult to turn. This then explains the stiffness or rigidity that many drivers experience once the strength steering assist fault article comes on. 

When the mechanism detects an error that requires the vehicle to it is in serviced, it may display the blog post “Service strength Steering” or “Service strength Steering Now”. The latter method that the problem requires service immediately.

The an initial thing the you’ll must do is grab a scan tool or code reader and hook it as much as the car’s diagnostic connect connector. This will generate a code that will allude you to where the trouble is. 

If you carry out not have actually a scan tool, the next ideal thing to carry out is to examine your wiring and fuse box for faults. Inspect to check out if any of the fuses room burnt. Confirm that your wires room not corroded or shorted as you additionally check the battery’s voltage. If every is well, reset the power steering fault blog post by switching off and also restarting your automobile as described earlier. 

2. Increased effort When Steering (Hydraulic strength loss)


If you ever uncover yourself in a situation where you need to put in 5 times the effort required come steer her car, friend may have lost her hydraulic strength steering assist. The hydraulic mechanism requires a few things to function properly. 

They incorporate a great engine belt, the appropriate amount of high-quality and also clean strength steering fluid, clear passageways and hoses, and also a great power steering pump. If any type of of these materials are the end of place, damaged, or inappropriately handled, they’ll reason your strength steering to fail. 

The very first step to solving this problem is to begin the car, leaving it for a couple of minutes to warmth up, then inspect the level the your strength steering fluid. If it’s also low, it may have run out or you might have a leak resulted in by cracks in the hydraulic lines. You’ll require to inspect all the parts and replace castle if they space damaged.

3. Grind Noise when Turning


If you hear grinding or rattling noises coming from the engine compartment every time you revolve the steering wheel, this might be a authorize that your strength steering pump pulley has a problem. A lot of times, this is pertained to the drive belt. You’ll must raise the vehicle and also have someone else inspect the power steering belt as you turn the steering wheel. 

You’ll want to inspect for slippage when the power steering belt moves. This is a sign that it requirements to be tightened or adjusted. Ensure the your car is shut off throughout the diagnosis.

4. Leaking power Steering fluid

Leaking hydraulic liquid looks smooth, brown, or black. It smells choose burning oil or fresh, singed, or overused oil. If the leaking, the can cause a major safety problem that have the right to significantly affect the performance of her vehicle’s strength steering system. 

Like all leaks, power steering liquid may it is in dripping native an old, worn, or take it hose the connects to the steering pump. Loosened clamps are additionally a significant problem in specific situations. The pump is typically a major culprit and may have to be inspected thoroughly. Move to the power steering rack if it checks out.

Final Take

The problems noted above room the most common power steering concerns that you will do it come across. We hope the the solutions detailed on just how to reset your power steering assist fault aid you clean the warning post that you see on your dash. Remain tuned for more information and tips related to other automobile problems. 


What instances the power steering fault?

Power steering assist have the right to fail because of contamination of the strength steering fluid, a drop in the fluid level due to a leak, a broken drive belt, a damaged pump, or a absence of suitable maintenance the your digital power steering.

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How much does it price to fix electrical power steering?

Replacing your strength steering manage module will expense you anywhere in between $700 and also $800. The average expense of job for such a task ranges between $100 and $200. Parts are priced in ~ $600 – $700. These expenses may be greater or lower depending upon the vehicle’s model, taxes, fees charged, and your area of residence. 

Can you drive without strength steering?

Yes, you deserve to still journey if your strength steering fails. However, the auto may come to be more difficult to turn. You should additionally avoid driving the automobile in this problem for a lengthy time together it could reason damage to the pump and lead to expensive repairs.

How long have the right to you journey without power steering?

For a well-maintained vehicle, girlfriend may be able to drive for around 30kms (18 miles) without power steering. ~ that, you’ll be causing serious damage to the bearings and seals inside the pump. This is because of wear and overheating led to by the absence of lubrication between the parts. 

Can a swollen fuse affect power steering?

A poor electric engine or a swollen fuse deserve to directly influence your car’s strength steering help feature. This is usual in vehicles that have electrical power steering (EPS). 

Why go my power steering work intermittently?

Old and also contaminated hydraulic liquid that has lost that is cooling and lubricating features may block the hydraulic pump valve, hence, causing intermittent strength steering loss. The dust in the push valves can cause freezing or clogging, limiting the quantity of pressure essential to rotate the steering rack gear.