In this lesson, we will certainly learn just how to say ‘Mom’ and also ‘Dad’ in Korean. Family members is essential and, if possible, much more so in Korean culture than in many other countries. Every country has a different style on calling their parents. So come say ‘Mom’ or ‘Dad’ in Korean, below is exactly how you do it!



(In Hangul: 엄마) = Mom


(In Hangul: 아빠) = Dad

this literally equates to ‘mom’ or ‘dad’. So in other words, the is a rather casual and also informal expression, as with in English. You have the right to use this in everday situations such as talking through your friends and referring come your among you parents, or if addressing them directly. So in summary, use this native when:

:heart: talk to your own parents.Talking about your very own parents with friends.

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The formal / Polite Way


(In Hangul: 어머니) = Mother


(In Hangul: 아버지) = Father

These expression are more formal and and traditional and resemble the English indigenous ‘mother’ and ‘father’ an ext than the first ones we learned. While it is still usual for the older/middle-aged generations to use these expressions once they talk to their own parents, lock are not typically used by the newer generation when talking directly to their own parents. Instead it’s much more commonly provided when talking around either your own parents in a formal/non-casual setting or once talking come or about someone else’s parents. To summarize, this is used:

When some human being of the larger generations talk to their parents.When talk to or around someone elses parents.

The most Formal Way

eomeonim (In Hangul: 어머님) = Mother

abeonim (In Hangul: 아버님) = Father

So this is the many formal means to say ‘mother’ and also ‘father’ in Korean. You can use these words as soon as the instance requires friend to it is in slightly an ext polite and also formal 보다 in the instance used in the slightly less formal means we learned above. So because that example, you deserve to use these words when:

Meeting a friends parents because that the first timeMeeting your girlfriend or boyfriends parents for the first couple of times. When type a closer connection with them, you deserve to use “eomeoni” (어머니) and “abeoji” (아버지).

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