Smartphone customers sometimes need to administer some aid to one more user if castle cannot discover a particular function. To do this, you have to record the screen on LG Stylo 5. This duty allows you to record every little thing that happens on the display, conserving the procedure as a video. This have the right to be carry out in one of two ways.

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Built-in Tools

You can permit screen record on the LG Stylo 5 phone without third-party apps, due to the fact that the developers have detailed a distinct function. It have the right to be accessed v the notice drawer. Users merely need come tap top top the icon with the image of a video camera.

The recording procedure will start appropriate after the role is accessed. If this did no happen, climate you will should press one an ext button denoting "Rec", i m sorry will appear on the display. To prevent the recording, you require to click the red icon again, however now it will be presented together a square, no a circle.

Also, the LG Stylo 5 smartphone permits you come fine-tune the function. All the necessary settings are located in the machine settings in the "Screen Recorder" menu. That is also possible to change the framework rate, resolution and input method, meaning sound native the mic or the device itself.

Special Apps

If the built-in recorder does no work and also you have to record what is continue on the display here and also now, the is encourage to usage third-party software.

AZ display screen Recorder

A an easy application that deserve to be installed on the LG Stylo 5 phone. AZ display Recorder not just records what is happening on the screen, however also allows you to take it screenshots. Communication with the program can be performed as follows:

install AZ display screen Recorder with the main Android application store. run the application. ~ launching, you will not see the usual Android applications interface, however a functional home window will appear in the an alert curtain. come start video recording, just click on the "Record" button. Also, the notice drawer enables you to pause or completely stop the video.

At the finish of the recording, the user will view a pop-up home window that will allow them come share the video or edit it in advance. Come close the application, you have to unload AZ screen Recorder indigenous RAM.

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DU Recorder

Another worthy application that has actually received a many positive reviews. To document your screen, girlfriend need:

install DU Recorder via beat Market. run the application. Allow it to operation on optimal of other windows. Push the document button, which will be shown on the screen, or carry out the very same through the an alert drawer. To complete the process, click the "Stop" button or stop the recording to proceed it later.

The video clip is instantly saved and also ready for editing and uploading. All these operations space performed with a pop-up window that shows up after the finish of the recording.