Google’s Nexus 5 is just one of its type with a an effective Qualcomm Snapdragon quad-core processor, stunning 1080p display, pure share android experience and also many more special features at a reasonable price. ~ Nexus 4, Nexus 5 – which has actually been the next generation phone indigenous Google has made a great impact on the android market and enabled android to get an top hand over various other competitors. Nexus 5 has actually been a video game changer for both LG and also Google.

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Let me tell friend something prior to I gain into details of taking a screenshot in her Nexus device. If you desire to edit,crop or add few extra results to the captured screenshots on your device, you can use a many of third party applications the you can download from Google play Store. Instead of utilizing such applications which accounting extra space and which might be responsible for privacy issues, you might use Google’s own ‘Photos’ applications to make the preferred changes.This applications comes preloaded in her device.

Have a look in ~ these services of capturing a screenshot

Taking a screenshot in android devices was a very painful task in the past as we call for root accessibility to complete this job. Gaining root access is nothing yet jail breaking/rooting the device. Devices running ~ above the latest versions the Android has the basic to take it a screenshot without source access. Due to the fact that Nexus gadgets (Nexus 5 and Nexus 4) gain timely software application updates and run top top latest version of Android, you require not root your an equipment or usage any third party application to take it a screenshot in Nexus 5 and also Nexus 4. While acquisition screenshots on your nexus devices you can actually capture every little thing that is being presented on the screen, consisting of the buttons ~ above the bottom of the screen and the notification bar. You can use the captured screenshots to keep them as a referral or to share something with your friends or others. Girlfriend can always use screenshots in resolving issues related to functionality of mounted application or phone’s screen by mailing or sharing the error blog post with the concerned person/authorization.The screenshot recorded in your Nexus device will help them in gaining a clear understanding of the difficulty you are facing. Girlfriend can likewise capture the highest scores friend have made in a game and also post lock on society networking sites such together Facebook, Google+,Twitter or re-superstructure them through your friends. Girlfriend can additionally guide your friends if they are facing any kind of problem with their machine by questioning them to send screenshot of the error or by sending the screenshots yourself to provide steps to solve the issue. All the screenshots that you have captured on your device will be stored in png format. These screenshot occupy an extremely less room on your an equipment and their dimension is really less.Follow the very same procedure stated listed below to take screenshot in Nexus 4 and also Nexus 5.

Steps that space to be complied with to take it screenshot in Nexus 5 and Nexus 4

1. Move on her Nexus machine and navigate to the display screen to be captured and also saved as picture in her device’s gallery.

2. Now Press and hold the “Power” and “Volume Down” buttons with each other at the very least for 3 seconds.(make certain that you organize both the strength button and volume down button at the very same and additionally remember that the timing is the most important thing if doing this)

3. Once you have actually completed the procedure stated above, friend will notification a sound comparable to the camera shutter sound. And you can additionally see a message in the notification bar saying “Saving screenshot”.

That’s that guys,you room done with catching your screenshot.

Where deserve to you uncover these screenshots in your Nexus 5 and also Nexus 4

To find these recorded screenshots on your nexus device, head over to gallery application and also open the screenshot album. In this screenshots album you could find all the caught screenshots that you have captured top top your machine in png format. Currently press and also hold the screenshot the you have caught for a moment and you will certainly find much more options favor edit, share, crop etc..,

While complying with the procedure stated over to take screenshots on your nexus device, if at every you face any kind of problem then make sure that you organize both the buttons in ~ the same time.But please carry out remember the it takes part time and practice to obtain used come this procedure and timing dram a vital role in this entire procedure.

Tips for sharing

If you desire to re-superstructure the recorded screenshot end social media or letter or using any kind of other media, you require not navigate to gallery applications anymore.You could avoid these steps of navigating to gallery and then sharing from there by following this basic and valuable tip. When you catch a screenshot in her nexus 5 or nexus 4, in the very next circumstances you deserve to see the post “Saving screenshot” in the an alert bar. Currently drag the notification bar and also in the notification panel you might see a notification saying Screenshot captured. If friend tap on that notification, it will certainly take girlfriend to collection directly.But if you organize that an alert and drag it under you could see the re-publishing option. Currently tap on this re-publishing button and also you could see a lot of options to re-publishing the caught screenshot.

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If friend face any type of problem while catching the screenshots, please let us know by composing in the comments section below and we are here to aid you.