In public matches Valve never decided to add the surrender or concede option, so there are only two options, your entire team has to disconnect at the same time or you have to wait until your ancient is destroyed to end a game.

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In lobby games, such as tournaments, or in battle cups, the surrender option is activated, as it’s expected that your team has clear communication means and will decide to surrender together. To do this any player from your team just needs to type “gg” in the all chat (by pressing Shift + Enter) or use the “Good Game” chat wheel command, when you do it a 10-second countdown will start at the top right of your screen if no one from your team cancels it your Ancient will automatically explode and the match will end.


Why is there no surrender/concede option in Dota 2?

The answer is simple, Dota 2 can be really frustrating sometimes, even if to a single player on the team, and having the surrender option available in public matches it can cause players to fight against themselves and in the end result in a worse overall player experience then if it was enabled.

Just think about it, one of the most brilliant things about Dota 2 is the comeback aspect, it’s so satisfying to play 30 minutes from behind, being extra careful due to the advantage your enemy has and making a huge comeback. If you could surrender, there would be fewer of these situations, as most players don’t have the nerve or patience to play from an unfavorable position.

It may depend on the current meta but in general Dota 2 is really hard to predict the winner in the first 20 to 25 minutes of the game, a bad team fight or even a single hero bad positioning can result in such gold and experience swings that allowing the player to surrender may be the worse possible decision Valve would have taken in the last couple of years.

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Last but not least, Erik Johnson, the Director of Dota 2 at Valve, himself explained the lack of surrender option in the game in an interview to PC Gamer:

There is a balance… Dota’s a competitive game, and people are deeply invested in it, so losing is not fun, but the people who are winning are probably having a lot of fun. We don’t want to dampen both sides of that equation. One of the things we never want to lose is the amazing comeback <…>That would have been a robbery of fun.


In the end, all I have to say to you is, enjoy the game, it’s supposed to be entertainment, and even if the situation may not be the most optimal in the current match, it’s in these situations that the most memorable games emerge, so embrace the hard games and enjoy them!