Being the protagonist of your very own Harem has its drawbacks... Below are a few tips to help you survive!

So, you’ve simply transferred into a newly-opened high school and are prepared to take on the college year. As you action through the gates, you discover yourself being met with more than a couple of stares. Is it her breath? Is your uniform ~ above wrong? Is the jam from your “early morning run-to-school toast” anywhere your face?


You, my friend, could be the upcoming protagonist for a newly-forming Harem! that unnerving emotion of being watched 24/7, that’s the very first sign that a Harem might be comin’ her way!

With your shiny new Harem quickly coming around the corner, let’s make the most of what small freedom you have actually left with my brand-new guide!

It can’t ache to be at the very least a tiny bit prepared. That’s why I’ve compiled a perform of a couple of select candidates for her Harem the you’ll have the most trouble with!

Let’s call it… “The Harem survival Guide”! has actually a quite ring come it, don’tcha think?

Let’s gain started!


Yoshino – day a Live

The Cute Klutz

The Cute Klutz is generally quite timid and also often has actually trouble speaking her mind. However, in ~ the newly spilled bento box and also the mountain of apologies shortly after, over there is a passionate soul, just trying to find somebody come love.

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Unfortunately for you, you’ll probably uncover yourself fairly overwhelmed v this small lady. Not only will her overwhelming Charisma Stat develop a few problems, no issue what friend do, she’ll more than likely fawn over you also more!

Due to her timid nature, she’ll feel as if friend don’t recognize her feeling simply because she hasn’t voiced them come you yet. This go not work-related in your favor however, since the conclusion she will eventually concerned is to make you realize how she feels there is no her having actually to tell you!

As she proceeds to do her love because that you it is in known, she’ll try many unique ways to make you understand her feelings.

You may find that she’s made girlfriend a yummy lunch! yet WAIT. Don’t open up that bento box! There’s a long, cook story around the origin of the bento box, almost as flammable as the box itself, if you capture my drift.

Under the lid you’ll find yourself challenge to confront with some type of black-colored dish. Yet that’s not Burger King’s latest squid-ink burger my friend. In fact, you’d it is in hard-pressed to speak to that food in ~ all!

If you can’t quickly think of one excuse no to eat it, you’d best take it like a man and also gulp it down! store your cries the anguish deep within though, since making a girl cry is not in your project description.


Tsukushi Tsutsukakushi – The Hentai Prince and the Stony Cat

The Tsundere

The Tsundere candidate is a faulty light switch as soon as it pertains to love. One minute she’s happy, the next minute she’s trying to poke her eyes the end for lookin’ at she weird!

A Tsundere is often confused by her very own emotions, specifically that of the love category. The fury she feels native her dispute can only be addressed by one thing; violence!

If you uncover yourself in the company of a Tsundere, you’ll many likely uncover yourself in a love triangle v her, yourself, and also her fists! This isn’t a girl you need to be taking lightly; she’s as rough as a residence of cards in a wind tunnel ~ above a speedboat in external space! You better hope her school has a good nurse, since you’ll certainly be making more than a couple of trips there! but don’t let Ms. Tsundere watch you talking to the nurse, or you’ll it is in in because that it!

My just advice because that this candidate is to load all the bandages friend can. You’ll it is in doing a lot of running too, therefore you may want to discover a safe ar to hide in bespeak to capture your breath.

Head down to your nearest Armor Shoppe to buy a shield too, it’ll come in handy because that those pesky just arrived Tsun-Tsun projectiles!

Deep in ~ her fight armor however, is a heart of gold. If she’s your kinda gal, do your ideal to endure the plenty of punches comin’ your way. The harder she hits, the more powerful her love because that you is! I’m certain she’ll let-up sooner or later…

Here’s a tiny lesson in the Harem Arts lugged to friend by her truly! The “Tsun” in Tsundere describes a harsh, cold attitude, when the “Dere” in Tsundere refers to a sweet, kindhearted attitude.


Hideyoshi – Baka and also Test

The Hideyoshi

Deep within your Harem Sanctum lies a peculier candidate… The Hideyoshi. Not a man, no one a women! This specimen is one unsolvable rubik’s cube the wonder; not a solitary man or woman have the right to resist the charm of a Hideyoshi! will you choose the forbidden fruit, or withstand the Hideyoshi’s womanly wiles? The selection is yours!

I’m certain you understand this by now, yet deep below the soft, smooth exterior, lies the heart of a male! This candidate was developed for the soul objective of cram a gorilla-sized monkey wrench right into your master Harem plan (and forcing one to concern their sexuality). There’s just one item of advice i can provide you, and also that is: if he’s attracted to look favor a girl, there’s no shame!

Oh, and also keep the organization handy!

..For the nosebleeds, ns mean. A Hideyoshi doesn’t have the modesty that a woman, so there won’t be any kind of coverin’ up on his watch! You much better steer clear if you recognize what’s an excellent for ya! friend only have so lot blood, friend know?


Yuno Gasai – The Future Diary

The Yandere

The last candidate ~ above this list, the Yandere! The only thing deeper 보다 her love for you are the stab wounds of her enemies. Yep, you heard right! This firecracker is as psycho as they come.

When she’s not violently death those that have wronged her or her guy (that’s you), she’ll be together loving and attentive as a common girlfriend! girlfriend know, the form without the, erm… Tendencies.

There’s a buttload that advice to give here, but I’ll save it short!

Calling the police is only going to do her perform of victim larger. There’s no force in this human being that have the right to possibly tear her apart from she man! Not even an army. Spare those brave soldiers your lives, and also just be afflicted with the brunt of she psychotic nature.

And, let’s it is in real. If you have a Yandere in her Harem, over there is no Harem. Your future with the Yandere candidate is set in stone. The other candidates will certainly either be fear away, or brutally murdered. One of two people way, you’ll it is in spending the rest of her life through the Yandere anyway!

Just execute as she says and also you’ll do her a happy gal! You’ll have nothing come worry around as long as girlfriend don’t make any kind of sudden movements… She may get the wrong idea!

One last piece of advice! You’ll have to stock up on part steel polish and also some stain remover. Just… trust me top top this one.

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And that’s it for my Harem survival Guide! ns hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I delighted in writing it.

Don’t forget to examine out the wealth of Harem anime ~ above (I recommend day A Live, it’s my an individual favorite)!