Looking for a small advice here. Ns am trying come suspend 3D objects in resin. The technique I’m make the efforts is to actors a bottom layer, let that cure, glue the object to the layer v epoxy and then fill the mold to the top. Doing this I acquire a really noticeable layering in between the bottom and also top cast. This happens both v clear and also dyed resin. The mold is a simple box make of plexiglass. Go anyone have any type of tips on just how I have the right to avoid this? Is it possible at all to completely suspend objects in resin in ~ all? many thanks in advance!


I simply had issues with objects sinking in a box that I had suspended, what mine conclusion was is that i didn't babysit castle enough, you have the right to use a thin tool (toothpick or tiny pliers) to pick them up and also keep suspending them whereby you want them, eventually the resin will become thick enough to store them whereby you want them.

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TL;DR : Yes, just need to babysit and also keep lock suspended v tools

The registration lines occur when you to water the 2nd layer too long after the last. Acquire the screen piece in as shortly as friend can, and also put 3 the remainder

You might suspend points with fishing heat if the backside complete doesn't matter. You may also need to brush the surface of your embedded item, if there room deep undercuts, to stop trapping bubble once you perform your pour.

Pour a layer however don’t wait for the layer come cure all the way. Once you pour in your object it need to sit on peak the resin layer as it should be really thick that have to keep her object indigenous sinking. I have actually used this to suspend things in resin. What kind of resin space you using?

I’m making use of https://eu.entropyresins.com/product/ccr-clear-casting-epoxy/?doing_wp_cron=1563359211.1525430679321289062500

I rely a smaller pyramid into a bigger one through clear pack tape on the flat component of the smaller pyramid and hanging end the edge of the larger one. You could do a single pour or several pours that way.

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I go this making use of your method, but I made the bottom layer an completely different shade so that didn't matter that there to be an obvious separation. Most likely not specifically what you're looking for however it's an option.

I haven’t offered that kind. I have been utilizing ice resin, alumilite and also liquid diamonds. I choose the fluid diamonds the finest but that can gain expensive. Space you doing huge pours?


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