Heterocephalus Magnus was first seen in the Holocene epoch observed to be rather a passive herbivore.

Resembling a naked mole rat, it is much larger than its contemporary cousins and has distinct callused scales on its ago and sides.

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The role Rat can usually be seen burrowing underground in ~ times, searching for food such together fungi and plants.

Not caring about human presence or maybe due to being unable to see properly, it will certainly only strike if shown any aggression.

Used together a fast transport on, floor it have the right to roll quickly on the ground, crushing rocks or creatures in that path.


Dossier Summary

The role Rat has been it was observed to it is in a passive biology that provides its imposing front teeth to get fungi and also plants the it have the right to eat.

When angry the role Rat will tuck itself in rolling prefer an armadillo,crushing rocks or creatures in its path with ease.

Should it feel threatened, the roll Rat will curl increase to safeguard itself and also begin to roll roughly in an effort to fend turn off its attacker.

The role Rat is a typical mount as soon as transporting humans and resources safely making use of its capability to roll and protect that is cargo.

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1) Roll


The roll Rat will certainly fling the tail forward, starting to roll prolonging its roof together it rolfes to protect its riders from getting crushed when rolling.

The Saddles durability lowers the more you roll so it is advised to have a preventive saddle in that is inventory.

Default Controls:

RMB (for PC) LT (for Xbox) L2 for (for PS4)

The roll Rat is also capable of jumping while using this ability.

Default Controls:

Space(for PC) A(for Xbox) X(for PS4)

2) hardwood Weight reduction (Passive)

The role Rat has a certain affinity v would which reasons the timber in its list to have actually a 80% reduction in weight.



The role Rat deserve to transport as much as 6 riders top top its ago and its capability to safeguard its riders as soon as rolling renders it a good personnel carrier as soon as raiding.


Reducing the load of lumber in its list by 80% making that an reliable wood carrier and even able to harvest berries and mushrooms through itself as soon as wandering.

How to Tame role Rat?

It is relatively easy come passively tame a roll rat, after the burrows underground you can drop honey in the burrow and also it will start the taming process.

You will have to wait because that it to burrow again so you can drop honey (honey should be fitted in the last item slot and also used i m sorry will reason it to it is in thrown, no eaten..

Currently it’s just taming item is large bee honey but it will consume other berries after ~ taming.


Special Taming Food

Giant punishment Honey


Roll Rat Saddle

Roll Rat Saddle crafting resources:

270 × Hide150 × Fiber425 × steel Ingots85 × Cementing Paste45 x eco-friendly Gem



After mating, the female role Rat will gestate and also then provide birth to a baby roll Rat.


Resources harvested From roll Rat Body

Raw MeatHideKeratin


Roll Rats space usually discovered near mushroom groves or giant mushroom forests underground

Maps where there are Roll Rat spawn:


Roll Rat spawn Location:

The adhering to are generate maps where the role Rat have the right to be found

Aberration: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Spawn_Map_(Aberration)


Having a role Rat is rather fun and quite useful, gift able to bring up come 6 passengers and it can nearly destroy anything blocking her path.

It have the right to be a great wood harvester for the tribe since it can lug a the majority of wood and farm it efficiently. In its entirety it may be arguable that it could be the cutest or the ugliest mountain to have however it is certainly a must have for any tribe.

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As lengthy as you discover a great source that honey, taming a role Rat becomes fairly easy and having one early on can aid you and your people collect sources faster.