I've conserved up a many gems, and also have sufficient to to buy a new dragon. I always liked the Shockjaw, however ever due to the fact that the game sometimes gave you a Shockjaw at the beginning and also there's a the majority of newbies running roughly with them, they're too typical I assumption: v (and i don't desire to it is in mistaken because that a noob also though I have my platinum star!). My solution was to Titan increase the shockjaw, due to the fact that I like the style better, and also to stand the end from the brand-new players ns guess.

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I prefer the Windwalker's design and also animation, i m so sad doesn't have actually a Titan version, but looks quite cool in game. I've been seeing a the majority of Windwalkers lately once I race too. Windwalkers aren't too usual in video game (at least for me) which is a plus.

I've been in search of both a main dragon and also a gyeongju dragon at the same time. I m sorry one is a much better pick since they have very similar racing stats? which one races better and i beg your pardon is much better overall (ie: better model, racer, animation, battler)


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i'm a windwalker fanatic so my obvious an option is the windwalker, but i'll to compare the two and give girlfriend my completely biased opinion xD (i'm kidding, i'll throw some an excellent points because that the shockjaw too)


The Shockjaw is by far the more popular, considering it's among the beginner's dragons when you begin the game. Windwalkers are much rarer. So if you're worried around being favor everyone else, I'd go with the Windwalker. Considering youdon't want a dragon most others have, climate I intend a Windwalker gets the suggest here.

SJ: 0

WW: 1


This is much an ext subjective together it comes under to whatyou prefer. I prefer the Windwalker since despite the look prefer an ordinary, middle ages dragon, ns think that's what provides it stand out in this franchise. It looks favor a dragon...like a dragon you'd uncover in fairytails. It has actually a really classic look come it which ns love. In a people where they try to do every dragon unique and also unlike any type of dragons we might ever hope to view or even dream of ourselves, a Windwalker is ironically a breath of fresh air. You have every one of these cool, unique and creative dragons...and climate there's a Windwalker. There's nothing special around it in regards to design, however I think that's what provides it special. The Shockjaw is a cool take on a sea dragon. Ns love exactly how it aquatic that looks with it's bioelectricity and it's large fins. The Shockjawlooks prefer a dragon that came out that the sea. Windwalkers don't, but they're high fliers therefore they're hardly out of the sky.

SJ: 0

WW: 2


Here's wherein things acquire interesting. When the Shockjaw isn't just a remodelled Toothless figure, the still sports Toothless's animation. They have actually the precise same animation. That's wherein I deduct a suggest for the Shockjaw. It doesn't have actually it's own animation. The Windwalker top top the various other hand has actually an computer animation unlike any kind of others (that I understand of...if everyone is reading this and also can check that there are various other dragons through the same computer animation then let me know!). It has actually it's own unique and also original animation that no other dragon has. That's nice special.

SJ: 0

WW: 3


Windwalker. Windwalker. Windwalker. 100% Windwalker. I've make the efforts the fight events through Shockjaws and it's a horrid experience. The damage and also charge is fine, yet it's the aim and control that are an extremely messy. It's an extremely hard come aim v a Shockjaw. I've struggled so much with battle events with these guys. Windwalkers aren't poor at all. They aren't the best, but out the these two they're definitely the better one. They're sharpshooters so their water blast is going to hit native afar. It's much simpler to control and also aim together well. The fee time in between shots is kind too.


WW: 4


These two have actually the precise same stats for this reason it all comes down to skill. Ns mean, withany dragon that comes under to skill, however when we're comparing 2 dragons v the specific same stats except for the firepower (which way nothing in racing), the comes down to how youplay.

SJ: 0

WW: 4


The Shockjaw can have some really cool colours. For the most component (and indigenous what ns remember), every colouring area seems to correctly copy the colour you choose (for example if you want a irradiate blue, it'll offer you a very comparable blue come what friend picked. Instead of gift dark or light no issue what friend choose). Choosing colours for her Shockjaw is quite fun! It's pretty much a "you acquire what you pick" situation. However, whereby the Windwalker lacks in accuracy it provides up in design. The base of their body and also their scales space the exact same deal as the Shockjaw. You want a bold neon green? You're getting a neon green. However, wherein they fall short is your spines. They're always gonna be darker or duller. You can make her Windwalker pure white, but those spines space going to be grey even if you choose white. That's a little bit of a downfall. However again, the style of the Windwalker's scales isincredible. Here's a link to some of the Windwalkers I've recoloured just to experiment. I havetons of funny colouring these guys! because that me, the Windwalker gets the point, however I expect this could be spatu as well. Yet people want accuracy once colouring your dragons, so ns guess the Shockjaw might actually gain this one.https://sta.sh/2215ahosjctv?edit=1

SJ: 1

WW: 4


While the Windwalker doesn't have actually a Titan wing in school of Dragons, itdoes have actually a Titan Wing! It's in increase of Berk and hasn't been added to institution of dragon yet. This is what the looks like!




When this gets included to SOD, there's no doubt in my mind the it'll look at wonderful. Return I'll admit, I dropped head end heels v the Titan Shockjaw, however the Windwalker is together a special dragon to me. However, ns think Shockjaws have the far better Titan style altogether despite my own sentimental and also biased opinion.

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SJ: 2

WW: 4


In college of Dragons, over there isn't a lot because that the Windwalker other than for racing skins. Windwalkers don't have actually a Titan yet (although the does exist, it's just a issue of waiting), they don't have a cool hero skin, and they don't also have saddles. Shockjaws seem to be much more inclusive in the game. If that's an essential factor come you climate I suppose they get the point here. Windwalkers shoot streams the water, Shockjaws shoot balls that electricity.

SJ: 3

WW: 5

Despite having the very same stats, they're various dragons through their own distinct thing. But all in all, ns think the Windwalker is certainly worth it and is the much better of the two. If a Titan wing is important then probably it's best to conserve your gems until we obtain the Titan Windwalker. One of two people way, the dragon and the Titan will still be about for when it's time to save up again. Ns hope this helped!