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In typesetting terms, “widows” and also “orphans” space lines in ~ the finish or beginning of a paragraph that room separated from the rest of the i by a page break. If friend think widows and orphans in your Word paper are distracting, girlfriend can enable a setting that prevents them.

So, which is which? A widow is the last heat of a i that shows up by itself on the adhering to page and also an orphan is the very first line of a paragraph that appears by chin at the bottom of a page. You might see part disagreement online around these definitions, but the Chicago manual of layout uses this definitions. Widows and also orphans likewise occur in ~ the ends and also beginnings the columns, and pages.

If you have trouble remembering, think of the this way: “An orphan is alone native the beginning; a widow is alone at the end”. Orphaned lines show up at the “birth” (start) that paragraphs and widowed lines appear at the “death” (end) the paragraphs.

To control widows and orphans in Word, open your file and place the cursor in the paragraph through the widow or orphan. Make certain the “Home” tab is energetic and click the “Paragraph Settings” switch in the lower-right edge of the i section.

On the i dialog box, click the “Line and also Page Breaks” tab.


Under Pagination, inspect the ‘Widow/Orphan control” box and also then click “OK”.

In the case of one orphan, choose in our example at the start of this article, the single very first line of the paragraph moves come the following page to it is in joined through the remainder of the paragraph. If the paragraph had actually a widow, the whole rest the the i is moved to the next page to rejoin the critical line.

Widow and orphan manage is used separately for each paragraph. Girlfriend cannot manage only the widow or only the orphan because that a paragraph. As soon as you revolve on widow and also orphan control for a paragraph, neither widows nor orphans will take place for that paragraph once the paper repaginates. You could turn top top this setup in your paragraph formats in a Word template so friend don’t have to worry around applying it manually.

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Using widow and orphan manage can frequently reason extra blank lines to appear at the bottom the a web page or column. This is normal due to the fact that lines need to be relocated to eliminate the widow or orphan. Even if it is you permit the widow/orphan control setup or no is a issue of i beg your pardon one bothers girlfriend most, widows and also orphans or the blank lines. Or, perhaps you’re adhering to a layout guide that mandates no widows and orphans. Widows and orphans can be distracting, however widows can be more so since they room at the finish of a paragraph, and also the last heat of a paragraph deserve to be any length, also a solitary word. So, you could end up v one indigenous on a line by itself at the beginning of a page.

Lori KaufmanLori Kaufman is a technology expert with 25 year of experience. She"s been a an elderly technical writer, operated as a programmer, and has also run her own multi-location business. Read full Bio »