How to get All personalities in injustice 2

Injustice 2 has actually a basic roster the 27 personalities that you’re able to select from ideal at the an extremely beginning. You can increase this counting by unlocking more characters, despite things space slightly various this time around. Several of the other characters are actually alternate versions the those already available. Lock share the specific same move sets and also stats, yet they have unique looks, voices, and also dialogue to yes, really flesh lock out. Listed below you’ll find how to unlock every characters obtainable in the game so girlfriend have more options come beat up your friends (or enemies) with.

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Grid is Cyborg’s perfect kind (according come Brainiac at least). He’s every one of the genius and also power minus the emotions the come through Vic’s person side. Unlike other skins and characters in unjust 2, friend can’t actually buy Grid. Instead, you simply have actually to connect your injustice 2 mobile account to the game.

There room a pair of ways to unlock this angry speedster. The first is to have bought the can be fried Edition the the game ($100). This grants immediate access to the reverse Flash premium skin in injustice 2, an altering the look, voice, and dialogue that the character. If girlfriend didn’t purchase the an ext expensive version of the game, you deserve to simply save up your resource Crystals (6,000 of them) and purchase the from Flash’s loadout menu.

Jay Garrick Flash

This variation of the flash isn’t obtainable through any of the version of unjust 2 but can it is in unlocked in game by paying resource Crystals or earning it together a reward.

John Stewart

Considered by part to it is in the ideal Green Lantern, you have the right to put ~ above the summoned tights and also stoic perspective of man Stewart as you take it the fight to her opponents. You can achieve this skin (which is finish with distinctive voice and also dialogue) by to buy the ultimate Edition of injustice 2 or by payment up 6,000 of your precious resource Crystals.

Power Girl

You have actually a couple of ways come unlock this Earth-Two variant of Supergirl. She come in the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate editions of unjust 2 (they price $80 and also $100 respectively) currently unlocked and ready come rumble. You just need to equip her together a skin to Supergirl. And, prefer all the other alternate characters you have the right to unlock, she has her very own dialogue and also look. If you bought just the standard edition you’re still in luck. You can buy this skin for 6,000 source Crystals.

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That’s all you need to understand to unlock all characters in unjust 2. For much more on unjust 2, be sure to inspect out our cultivation wiki.

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