Updating a Dedicated, Windows-based RUST Server

This quick guide will walk you through all the steps required to update a Windows-based RUST server.

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On the first Thursday of every month, Facepunch releases a new game update for the RUST community. Each update requires players and servers to update their versions of the game in order to play. As a RUST server owner, you must update your server once this server update becomes available. Players will be unable to join your server because of a mismatch in versions of the game’s software, so the sooner you update the better for your server population.

Many server owners use the monthly update as an opportunity to wipe their servers as well. Map wipes and blueprint wipes are both options that a server owner can decide to perform as per their server’s play style.

This guide will cover the following steps:

Pre-Requirements for Updating

SteamCMD for Windows must be installed

Step 1. Login to SteamCMD

A Rust server installation directory will have RustDedicated.exe presentLocate the RUST Server installation. If you’ve followed our Host a RUST Dedicated Server guide, your server will be located at C:steamcmd ust_server.You will recognize your server’s installation directory by the presence of the RustDedicated.exe executable (see the above screenshot).Next, set the installation location for the update by entering the following command into SteamCMD:

force_install_dir C:steamcmd ust_server

The above command tells SteamCMD where the RUST server root is located in order to compare versions.Please note: If you have named your directory something different, please use that name in place of “rust_server” in the command above.

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Step 3 – Update RUST Dedicated Server

Start the update process by entering the following command into SteamCMD:

app_update 258550 validate

SteamCMD will now start downloading the latest version of the RUST Dedicated server.Important note: 258550 is the app id for RUST–if you do not specify this exact ID you will get an error.Allow the update to run until complete. The update process may take a while depending on server capabilities and network bandwidth.

Next Steps

Once your server update has completed and you’ve installed the newest version of uMod (if your server is a modded server), your server is ready for players to connect. If you come across any issues with the steps in this guide or need extra assistance, please reach out to us on our discord and we will be happy to help!