In the optimal left that Google Docs is the zoom quantity - default is 100%. Is there a method to rise this dimension - next from using the browser"s zoom (ctrl and also "+" or mousewheel).

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I was in search of this as well and did some digging. Google Docs now has keyboard shortcuts to zoom in and out the the record (and not the webpage itself).

The shortcuts are:

Zoom in: Ctrl+Alt++ or ⌘+⌥++ top top Mac

Zoom out: Ctrl+Alt+- or ⌘+⌥+- on Mac

I found these in the HelpKeyboard ShortcutsSearch keyboard shortcuts (you can kind anything here). Strangely enough, the official Google Docs key-board Shortcut page ( renders absolutely no mention of this in ~ all. Weird. Anyway, listed below is screenshot reflecting the details in Google Docs.

I"m guessing this are perhaps newer key-board shortcuts due to the fact that the main Google Docs web page doesn"t also list them and also other human being have struggled through this worry for plenty of years, consisting of me. Renders me wanna search that assist section even an ext now and find other concealed gems.

Hope this helps!


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Well that"s a style faux pas, isn"t it? having something top top a shortcut button that"s not likewise in a menu?

Anyway, after ~ perusing the extended keyboard faster way list, the closest thing I"ve found is:

Use Alt+/ to open up the "search menus" optionType Z to carry up a bunch the options, including all of the "zoom" optionsUse the arrow keys to move to the value you want and Enter


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On my keyboard it"s: alt + cmd + = OR alt + cmd + -

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