I perform itI carry out itI do itBoi...I waited my entirety life to be the guy of the hourReally can't lie, i was the guy when ns startedI will certainly be the male when i dieMan this hoes, take her moneyAnd ns take their virginityI'm high, I break-up an O in half, now it's a parenthesisCrazier than crazy, ape shit, retardedly stupidI put that weed in one uhh and pass itYep that's allied oopin, okayOh, that's her girlWell i don't give a understand two s***sOkay I'm westside, westside it rotates I'm riding under them tulipsYou bordo choose Enrique, I'm toupee, I'm three-peeI'm looking prefer I'mma sweep stakesBut i treat ya girl like a cheap skateCause I require a crib, a huge estateI require a boat and also that require a lakeI require some salmon, that require a plateThat require a cook so ns feed mine safeMy crew is who I'd be widdy-be-wid-itRose i sippity-sip-itI'm Quagmire ns f-ck hoesMy cashflow ns giggity-giggity itBoy, I'm c***-a-maniaThe many zaniest, insaniantPulling up in Merced-ianceRolling up like I'm DamianI love girls the Arabian, Albanian, caucasianI ride approximately gettin cranium cause my prick is tough as titaniumOh boy you had your chance, and also blew it (you blew it)Stand aside and also watch a actual n-gga do itI feel prefer the people mineJust bow down, the civilization mineI'mma let girlfriend live, the people mineThis people mineThe one and also only in this muthaf-ckerNiggas staring favor we the just ones in this muthaf-ckerHow can you not understand we in this muthaf-ckerI gained my haters looking lonely in this muthaf-ckerWoah, I'm sipping on whatever I gain handedThrowing residence parties for this reason crazy that my crib look prefer a campusPlay her cards right and also I can blow friend upNah, i aint gambling shit, I'm wasted, wastedThis looks favor a project for Captain PlanetNah, nah, great lordy, wowdy, I just took an ext shot than KobeThe realest niggas is reppinThe baddest bitches promotingShe put that thong on mine groin groinAnd then it go boing!Got my fronter on she bumper does that look prefer she toyingI hustle tough like I'm finna shed the cribAnd party tough like I'm finna execute it bigAll I ever do is bigSo all she wanna do is bigGirl, what your name is, i really can't rememberAnd tone breaking tree down, someone yell out timberI'm up up in castle Kush clouds, bright up favor I'm ZeusBitch stand earlier watch exactly how a real nigga perform itI feel favor the people mineJust bow down, the human being mineI'mma let girlfriend live, the human being mineThis people mine