I believe in the concept and also principals that love, of loving mankind, each other, however as much as romantic love, between two people, I used to, I understand what it is, what it takes to do it happen, and of course, I have seen it. I am always happy for others. However for myself, sigh, possibly not. I have been melted far too countless times, and while that a pretty thought, I have to say that I’m just not may be to completely buy into it. I have tendency to really shy far from personal relationships and also keep to myself.

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I’m a pretty personal person, so many of the moment I nothing share too many details. We’ve every done the gambit that dating, had actually our love broken. Ns don’t play the latest variation of the dating game, (aka swipe left or right). In ~ some point in our lives that it s okay a tiny old, and also most that us seek something a bit more substantial. Ns don’t chase, skip, operation or otherwise ~ people.

Unwilling come settle, I wanted the genuine thing, I want the one genuine love of my life, no a digital copy, a facsimile that what anyone thinks love need to be. I don’t necessarily require the white fence or the two automobile garage. I execute not must sign ~ above the dotted line. Over there is no should own since love is not a possession.

I want to be unforgettable. I want to be much more than just great for one night. I had hoped for good for a lifetime. I wanted to be an equal partner, someone who is understood worthy, and also I want someone who was important going to love me and enable me come love that completely. I want to do memories, snowball fights in winter, super-soaker water fights with the neighborhood children in summer, just being maybe to be goofy with someone, to be myself. Who I can travel with, learn about the people from, someone that is together passionate about his life together I am. I wanted laughter, one everlasting kind of love. The kind where you’re sit on a bench together, looking back on a beautiful life. I want the words I and also me to gradually melt right into we and also us.



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If someone had asked me a year or therefore ago, i would have actually believed, i would have said the fairytales execute happen, however sadly, lock don’t, it doesn’t seem to exist. I’ve never been a choice. I’ve constantly been the girl following door, the ideal friend, among the guys, i’m the girl the wishes everyone else happiness and also sweeps up the confetti and champagne glasses after the party, and also I’m not an excellent with love. I generally mess it up.

When Cinderella left her glass slipper behind, running down the procedures at midnight, ns the girl the would expedition over her dress and fall down the stairs. (right in former of the Prince).

Honestly, every time I discover just an oz of happiness, it all comes crashing down, so i’m a tiny afraid, I require something to think in again. I need the native this time, other tangible. In ~ this point, I’ve much more or much less locked the door and also shut the blinds to mine heart. (although, I do peek out now and also then)



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I’m not certain if I think anymore. I’m probably far better off not also thinking the way.

I don’t have actually my head in the clouds. I’m not waiting for someone to save me. I’m a bit more of a self-rescuing princess these days, therefore Prince Charming, if you’re reading this, friend may have actually a tad little of a challenge. I’m not in search of someone come walk behind, I desire someone who will walk alongside me.

Honestly, I’d rather have actually a source canal without the numbing agent, it’s much less painful.

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I guess words I’m in search of is total shy. Ns afraid to shot again. Okay, words is chicken.