AdamWelcome one and all come this the yearly ATVS Albums that the Year & Lagniappe post. We hope this year was better for you than 2020 was. Below Poseur and also I will take the moment to memory the year that remained in music, because there was certainly lot to celebrate. Together we started to leave the pandemic (only to boomerang ago into it) much more and much more artists to be able to come forward through the an innovative fruits that they planted throughout the quarantine. It was a sick joke during the lockdown the it would lead to great an imaginative ideas, however that actually rung nice true. So, without additional delay, let’s destruction on into the music year that was.

Album of the Year

Honorable Mentions: i Don’t Live here Anymore | The war on Drugs; tart | Olivia Rodrigo; display Violence | CHVRCHES; 30 | Adele; Daddy’s home | St. Vincent

10: yard Sale | The Brook & The Bluff

I really don’t have actually a ton come say around this, it’s just a repertoire of pretty an excellent indie absent songs. The songs are tightly crafted if showcasing great musicianship and also songwriting. It is a small down beat indigenous their earlier work and perhaps the album blends together too much, yet that’s a hard complaint come raise when each individually is enjoyable. The a really solid album, that’s all folks!

9; pair Shadow | twin Shadow

I understand I’m getting old since Twin shadow is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of his sophomore breakthrough Confess. There’s hope for my quickly aging bones since this year that dropped maybe his finest work.

Twin shadow aka George william Lewis Jr. Aka DJ George has a decently outstanding catalogue of catchy hooks and good songs, but none room as sharp together his self-titled album. I don’t desire to contact this his magnum opus, yet I nothing think anything have the right to be as fun as a listen as this is. Except the great hooks about the monitor list, George strikes the perfect balance between sonic cohesion and also diversity. The bass guitar is existing throughout and also it sounds favor he played the demo for each tune on that in one sitting, yet then came earlier around and built each song off the differently.

Sure, his songs are sonically saccharine and also a tiny melodramatic, but when yes sir diversity in the track list prefer there is here, the stupid fun. The best method I can describe this album is that it’s the soundtrack of a musical the satirizes the modern-day male artist do the efforts to do it in theatre, yet the satire is shed in the fact that the music unironically slaps. If that summary confuses you, listen to “Lonestar” and “Modern Man” and also then phone call me it no fit perfectly.

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The ideal boy band due to the fact that One Direction, and also for the record, they deserve to fly.

After going off-script with GINGER, Brockhampton went earlier to the bangers with Roadrunner. Well, at the very least in the first half. Roadrunner opens up with attributes from acolytes Danny Brown and JPEGMAFIA as well as A$APs Rocky and Ferg, and each the those songs permit the features to thrive: the opener with Danny Brown is slightly unhinged and also frantic, the Peggy cut has a straightforward and groovy bassline, and also the A$AP tune is almost pre-screwed and chopped. And also of course, Brockhampton themselves own their verses. However as the album runs on, the more conscious the material gets and also the much more the functions drop off.

This is the many I’ve enjoyed a Brockhampton release, and I think that’s due to the fact that it’s their an initial release wherein they present discretion. Ns love “Boogie” because that its wailing sirens that make you walk buck, however here the songs space much more refined and also stripped back, which ns think is the final step in the maturation of the collective. They deserve to make songs the go, however now they yes, really know just how to handmade songs v nuance too. The balance pays off well on Roadrunner.

7: Vince Staples | Vince Staples

Vince Staples’ 6th album is his fifth one come clock in under 30 minutes, i m sorry is a wonderful trend. Since of that is tightness, over there is a major consistency through Vince’s self-titled album.

Upon very first listen, Vince slowing every track method down serious throws off the vibe of the record and also any preconceptions about Vince’s career. He is at the stage in his run whereby he “should” be pumping out bangers to topple the charts and also grab an even larger foothold on the general public perception.

But that’s no what happens. Instead of flash frying hits, Vince walk low and slow with some pretty heavy subject matter. That the very same stuff he’s to be rapping about since job one, however for whatever reason that feels an ext affected by it now. And also that makes it hit home that much more. The more stripped earlier production lends an ext credence to his words, which would certainly have reduced deep ~ above a normal, run of the mill album.

6: OK human | Weezer

Look, i’m not any happier 보다 you are about it, but Weezer reduce a really good album in the year of our lord 2021.

In the mid-teens, Weezer seemingly had a renaissance with Everything will certainly Be Alright In The end and The White Album. Yet that renaissance quickly turned out to be an ext of a dead cat bounce, as shown by Pacific Daydream, a middling consists album, and The black color Album. Yet at some point in COVID, our favorite cringe lords decided to walk in a brand-new direction: themed albums.

The second one, Van Weezer, was a half-cooked attempt at a hair metal album, yet their orchestral pop OK Human struggle the mark. They went the extra mile through using just analogue equipment and also fading every song into each other. Those are little details yes, but they include up in a great album.

And for every little thing reason, baroque popular music Weezer works. This is the band ns feel prefer Weezer was claimed to be because they acquired too old for the Pinkerton stuff. They really understand exactly how to craft these songs, and also the text won’t make you cringe right into oblivion. Over there are even some fresh ideas in the writing, like on “Numbers”.

5: Blue Weekend | wolf Alice

Let’s talk about one the the arising trends in music: Hollywood Apathy. Suddenly, practically overnight, it’s become very en vogue to lament around the fakeness of Los Angeles, Hollywood, and also Southern California at large. To a degree I’m no complaining due to the fact that I’ve been driving the train for practically my whole adult life. However it’s an undeniable tendency seemingly kicked turn off by St. Vincent’s “Los Ageless” and followed fit by the likes the Lana Del Rey, Gorillaz and Lorde among many, numerous others.

But (almost) nobody has done it as well as Wolf Alice go on Blue Weekend. “Delicious Things” is a splendid sonic trip detailing the loosening of inhibitions when far away from home, but also wrestling with the uneasiness and also homesickness that follows.

Just as the London band is discovering to blend into Los Angeles in a thematic sense, in a sonic feeling the band sheds your archetype together indie individual shoegazers and become true music chameleons. “Delicious Things” balances sultry verses with blissful hooks, “Smile” is a dead ringer because that 90’s female-led rock songs, finish with a no-sold distribution on verses, the crushing “Safe native Heartbreak” is a singer-songwriter reduced in which lead singer Ellie Roswell walk acapella for the huge crescendo, “How can I do It Okay” is a standout contemporary indie rock song, and “Play The best Hits” is a most likely the biggest punk track not created by a punk band.

I’m not sure what possessed wolf Alice put their chips in every dip in ~ the table, however their capability to sound favor they have three albums worth of experience in each genre floored me. Blue Weekend is a big event album because it provides a little something because that everyone, and also it leaves no one disappointed.

4: contact Me If You acquire Lost | Tyler, The Creator

After scaling back into very vulnerable and emotional place with Scum crap Flower young and IGOR the made united state all reevaluate what us know around Tyler, the leaned right into maximalism.

It’s still the brand-new and boosted Tyler, but it’s him doing a Gangster Grillz mixtape. It’s a Tyler document so of food the production is supreme, but the vibe the the document is pure so late aughts, finish with DJ Drama emceeing the affair.

Narratively, the Tyler coming out hardened after…well, comes out and putting his heart on the platter. World my age like to reminisce around mixtape Lil Wayne, yet Tyler is impossibly on suggest throughout Call Me, and I think the outperforms Wayne. Over there are several points wherein I had to watch up who was ~ above the verses because I couldn’t think Tyler was coming v with a flow that hard, choose on “JUGGERNAUT”, “LEMONHEAD”, or “LUMBERJACK”. Ns don’t think there’s to be as superior of a three-track operation on as album together the “LEMONHEAD-WUSYANAME-LUMBERJACK” operation in the first half the album, early out in no small component to a surprisingly an excellent and subtle NBA Youngboy function on the slow-moving jam monitor in the middle.

Of course, this is the brand-new Tyler and he has actually emotions. Emotions that need to come out. So numerous emotions. And come the end they execute on “SWEET/I thought YOU want TO DANCE” and also “WILSHERE”, both songs that run longer than 8 and a fifty percent minutes, with the former nearly touching 10. Curiously enough, both songs information a love triangle, v Tyler in the middle of one and also being the odd human being out in the other. “WILSHERE”, the nearly-10-minute song, was taped in one take through a handheld mic and while it’s not a casual listen, the lull at which Tyler conveys the story so normally is uncanny.

But it is just just how talented Tyler is and a testament to what the talent can do when properly matured.

3: The Ballad of Dood and also Juanita | Sturgill Simpson

Meet Sturgill Simpson. Sturgill Simpson is a country artist. Sturgill Simpson is a very an excellent country artist.

But Sturgill Simpson is unhappy through his brand contract and ready to get out the it. For this reason Sturgill Simpson go what one naturally does: documents a kick-ass an are trucker/acid rock/heavy steel samurai-themed concept album about the state that the music industry and also gets part anime artists to collaborate and create a visual facet to the album. Noticeable stuff, really.

So, what perform you do after that? obviously re-record every one of your previous material as bluegrass songs, duh.

Okay, so did you do it freed yourself from your label in the ultimate act the defiance and also reclaimed her old songs in a brand-new format. Now what?

Well, the prize is plain to see: do an actual country western album, finish with spaghetti west instrumentation and also a Marty Robbins-esque concept. Tell a fully linear story through it, complete with codas and also songs about the protagonist’s horse and also dog (separately, of course) that will certainly yank tears clean the end your eyes. And because this is Sturgill Simpson, the instrumentation and also songwriting are all top-notch.

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What component of this process doesn’t make feeling to you?

2: Californian floor | London Grammar.

This is a sporting activities website, therefore I’ll use a sports analogy to define London Grammar’s evolution. They room the two-star recruit who verified a lot of upside. Certain enough, once they gain on campus and they start hanging with the big dogs with some development, and also by the moment it’s time because that their 3rd go in ~ it, they’re lapping up the field and putting up video clip game numbers.

Their debut If friend Wait showed off lead singer Hannah Strong’s tremendous vocals but offered little instrumentally in support. Their sophomore album Truth Is A Beautiful point upped the ante instrumentally so that it was on the very same level together Hannah’s vocals. Yet their 3rd time around on Californian soil (yet another album that faces the west coast disillusionment) really saw the tape take their an abilities to the new level. Hannah deserve to still song her ass off, but now she seemingly has actionable swagger behind she lyrics and her delivery. And also bandmates Dot major and Dan Rotham space no longer just simply complimenting her vocals, castle are adding value to every track in a masterfully varied way. The manufacturing strikes the perfect balance the quiet as soon as it demands to be and also intent when the minute calls because that it.

Nothing exemplifies how far London Grammar have actually come much more than the lead solitary from the album, “Baby it’s You”. The song is an optimistic synth-driven item with layers and layers the sound that all come unraveled when it’s time because that Hannah to carry us across the hook. That hauntingly beautiful and a deep competitor for my tune of the year

1: bite | Porter Robinson

This was never ever in doubt. I m really sorry if the takes all the fun out the this, however the moment I perfect listening to Nurture, i knew every little thing else was going to be in a gyeongju for 2nd place.

But the funny thing is, i have had all of this time come think that what I want to say about this album, yet I’ve struggled to find the words. Therefore Porter, if you’re analysis this, i apologize due to the fact that what i cannot compose cannot do suitable justice to this album. However I’m walking to give it the ole university try.

Nurture is the music Ted Lasso. The is a wholesome item of media that has come out when we really necessary it the many yes, but to say it’s simply that is doing it a pistol misjustice. It is not wholesome and an excellent because it transforms a blind eye to the which ails us, the is wholesome and an excellent because it understands those points that us perceive to be wrong v us and welcomes us with open up arms and also assures us that it will be okay so long as we keep placing one foot in former of the other and work with it. Nurture is the golden sky and song the a lark the was promised to united state in the storm. That does not deny the storm, it just celebrates that you survived it.

If friend don’t like the layout of digital music that Porer practices, then that’s fine and also understandable. However objectively, nothing is undeniable about this document to me. I in reality think this document is strengthened through the electronic elements and also semi-EDM stylings that Porter. The manufacturing is incredible, exceeded by only the lyrics.

I am difficult you to listen to “Something Comforting” or “Look at the Sky” and also not feel a complete feeling the reassurance. If girlfriend don’t, then i really don’t recognize what to tell you. We all need our comforts in this depressing age, and Nurture was mine emotional security blanket in a trying year.

Best brand-new Artist | Olivia Rodrigo

I yes, really truly debated putting SOUR right into my top ten, however it simply barely missed out. The debut indigenous the newest Gen Z superstar led the fee in the newest generating phasing right into adulthood’s tendency of adopting millennial teen culture with one album that is a dead ringer for beforehand era Paramore material…perhaps a small too much. Powered by “driver’s license”, Olivia became the first true breakthrough artist the the tik era (who just happened to be powered by Mickey Mouse, but small details).

The truth that nearly every song on the album is a breakup track kind of sink the boat for me a little, yet the reality that the one track that no (“jealousy, jealousy”) is the best song ~ above the album really provides me excited for what comes on the horizon. And look, creating a breakup album in ~ 17 is one thing, doing it at 23 and also again at 27 is another. So she gets a pass for the contents of the album, which permits me to gain a really an excellent pop punk record released in the year that our mr 2021. Ns almost details that she won’t continue to be in the popular music punk sphere, but regardless ns excited to check out where she songwriting skills takes her in the future.

Artist that the Year: Lil Nas X

There’s beating allegations of being a one struggle wonder and also then yes sir snapping a 4x4 on its back. Lil Nas X can have spammed Old Town road to the means to records, but when it to be time because that him to monitor it up, he surpassed it through far. “MONTERO ‘’ ended up being a fight in its very own right, just to offer as the layup to “INDUSTRY BABY”’s backboard-shattering dunk. I believed the album was great not great, but Lil Nas X had the ability to manifest his very own destiny this totality time and really came to be a superstar by his very own volition. He play a device that to be stacked versus him and destroyed it.

Song the The Year: ns Don’t Live right here Anymore | The war on Drugs

For a moment, this was hard, more than likely the hardest one I can recall doing. Carry out I go populist through “All too Well”? “INDUSTRY BABY”? “drivers’ license”? “good 4 u”? “Kiss Me More”? Or carry out I pick the ideal songs native the finest albums like “Something Comforting”, “Look in ~ the Sky”, “Baby it’s You”, or “JUGGERNAUT”?

Then i remembered that. ”duh you stupid moron, the ‘I don’t Live below Anymore.”

The album simply missed the cut for mine list, landing at 11 yet the titular tune itself is unimpeachable. Aided v a brilliant help from Lucius on the hook, the song is the high suggest of TWOD’s undertaking into arena rock, a driving and also soaring ballad that does Springsteen much better than Springsteen walk Springsteen except “Thunder Road”. And the lyrics room pretty perfect encapsulation of the Boss together well:

I to be lying in mine bed

A biology void the form

Been so fear of everything

I need a chance to it is in reborn

I never wanted anything

That someone had actually to give

I nothing live below anymore

I went follow me the wind

When i think around the old days, babe

You’re constantly on mine mind

I recognize it ain’t prefer I remember

I guess my memories run wild

Like as soon as we go to view Bob Dylan

We danced to “Desolation Row”

But i don’t live below anymore

But I obtained no ar to go

Beating favor a heart

I’m gonna walk through every doorway, ns can’t stop

I require some time, I need control, I require your love

I wanna discover out everything I need to know

I’m gonna say whatever that over there is come say

Although did you do it taken every little thing I need away

I’m gonna make it come the place I should go

We’re all just walkin’ v this darkness on our own

It’s just a beautiful, emotionally stirring tune that should go on those gold documents we put on deep space satellites.