about In Those blue jeans

"In Those Jeans" is the 2nd single through American singer Ginuwine from his 4th studio album The Senior. It ended up being his 3rd and final top 10 solitary to date, peaking at number eight ~ above the popular music singles chart. The official remix attributes Grafh.

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Looking an excellent plenty tightIs over there room, any more room for meIn those jeansReally thick, choose I prefer itTell me is there any an ext room for meIn those jeansLooking tasty yes, really scrumptiousTell me is there any much more room for meIn those jeansLooking good plenty tightIs there room, any much more room because that meGot on my ride checked out you native a farAnd ns couldn"t avoid myself indigenous looking tough (staring)You wore this jeansGirl girlfriend wore these jeans and youMade a thug desire to cry miscellaneous terribleI had actually to have, have you because that myself babyYou don"t understand what those jeans carry out to meMake me want to obtain down on one kneeYou"ve gained that thunder and also it just makes me wonder just how it feelsTo get up in those jeansOh those jeansYou space the bombGirl you"re chop to death, babyI don"t recognize the words to say to youAll that ns know, infant all I understand is thatI"m loving what ns see and I"m emotion youI desire to know, every I desire to know is ifI might have what"s up in those jeansBaby have the right to I have what"s up in those jeansDon"t get alarmed reason I don"t mean no harmBut i love the means you wear those jeansLevi"s, Prada, baby Phat, ns love themLove the means you, attract them ns love lock yeahCalvin, Iceberg, Sergio, i love themTrying to get inside that thoseYeah yeah yeahI desire to say that those jeans looking an excellent fitting rightBaby damn those jeansAny type doesn"t matter if you wearin" them girlfriend look fineBaby cursed those jeansAnytime the I watch you I desire in, girlfriend wear "em wellBaby cursed those jeansYou the shit friend the bombAll I desire to know is deserve to I have what"s in those jeansCan I acquire in those jeans have the right to I babyAny more

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Ginuwine Elgin Baylor Lumpkin (born October 15, 1970), better known through his stage name Ginuwine is an American singer-songwriter dancer and actor.

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Signed to epic Records since the mid-1990s, Ginuwine had released a number of multi-platinum and platinum-selling albums and also singles, ending up being one of R&B"s top artists throughout the late 1990s and also early 2000s . An ext »