“The much less I know the Better” describes the pain of a man feeling left the end in a love triangle, depicted with a facility arrangement that groovy base hooks, sensual Rhodes piano… read More 
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Someone said they left togetherI ran out the door to acquire herShe to be holding hands with TrevorNot the biggest feeling everSaid, "Pull yourself togetherYou should try your luck with Heather"Then ns heard lock slept togetherOh, the less I recognize the betterThe much less I understand the betterOh, mine love, can't you watch yourself by my side?No surprise as soon as you're on his shoulder favor every nightOh, my love, can't you see that you're on my mind?Don't expect we can convince her lover to change his mind?So goodbyeShe said, "It's not now or neverWait ten years, we'll it is in together"I said, "Better late than neverJust don't do me wait forever"Don't make me wait foreverDon't make me wait forever
Oh, my love, can't you check out yourself by mine side?I don't mean you can convince your lover to change his mind?I was doing fine without yaTill I experienced your face, now I can't eraseGiving in to all his bullshitIs this what friend want? Is this that you are?I was doing fine there is no yaTill I observed your eyes turn away from mineOh, sweet darling, wherein he desires youSaid, "Come on, Superman, say her stupid line"Said, "Come on, Superman, say her stupid line"Said, "Come on, Superman, say her stupid line"
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“The less I understand the Better” explains the ache of a guy feeling left the end in a love triangle, shown with a complex arrangement that groovy bass hooks, sensual Rhodes piano chords, and moody synth textures.

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Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker has actually said that the song doesn’t belong on the album “because it has actually this dorky, white disco funk.” However, the is by much the most well-known track top top Currents, thanks in no small component to its breakout music video fusing psychedelia, sex appeal, high college angst, and also a man in a gorilla costume.

This track follows the synth vignette “Gossip,” saying that the narrator, voiced by Parker, is hearing news about the woman he desires – that she is hooking up with someone named Trevor. The song’s title originates from his insecurity – if world give him the details that his crush’s sex-related activity, the more it will dominate his thoughts and also leave she seemingly defiled in his psychic (“is this that you are?”).

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As illustrated by the music video’s gorilla, Trevor vs. Kevin shows up to it is in the classic “alpha-beta” struggle for women’s affections. Trevor has her attention for now since of his sexual prowess (he is her “lover… like every night”), however she knows the Parker would be the much better long-term partner (“Wait ten years, fine be together”). However, Kevin advises her that his patience will certainly not critical “forever.”

Following that success ~ above the record, “The much less I know The Better” to be released as a radio solitary on November 29th, 2015. The song was poll number 1 in Triple J’s sexty 100 that the decade.