About Live like You were Dying

"Live favor You were Dying" is a song recorded by American nation music artist Tim McGraw, and also was the lead single from his eighth album that the exact same name (2004). The was composed by the songwriting team that Tim Nichols and also Craig Wiseman. The duo do the song based on family and also friends that learned of illnesses (cancers), and how they regularly had a brand-new perspective ~ above life upon finding out they had minimal time. They chose to create a song based on the concept, hoping the it can inspire who in together a situation. The song"s discoverhotmail.com center on suffering life to its fullest, while additionally becoming a better person. Exit in June 2004 as the lead single from the album, the song came to be an substantial success in the U. S. The spent 7 weeks atop that the Billboard country music charts; the magazine later called it the biggest nation song the the year. "Live like You were Dying" won several awards, including solitary of the Year and also Song the the Year in ~ the 2004 country Music combination Awards and at the 2004 Academy of country Music Awards and also the 2004 Grammy compensation for ideal Country Song. The music video, command by Sherman Halsey, was nominated for video clip of the Year at the 2004 Academy of nation Music Awards. It has actually sold over two million copies in the U. S.more »

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He said"I was in my at an early stage fortiesWith a most life before meWhen a minute came that quit me on a dimeI spent many of the next daysLooking at the X-raysAnd talkin" "bout the optionsAnd talkin" "bout sweet time"I request him"When that sank inThat this can really it is in the actual endHow"s that hit youWhen you get that sort of news?Man, what"d friend do?"And he said"I go skydivingI walk Rocky hill climbingI go 2.7 secs on a bull called FumanchuAnd i loved deeperAnd i spoke sweeterAnd I gave forgiveness I"d to be denying"And that said"Someday ns hope you obtain the chanceTo live choose you to be dying"He said"I was lastly the husbandThat most of the time I wasn"tAnd I ended up being a girlfriend a friend would favor to haveAnd every one of a suddenly going fishin"Wasn"t together an impositionAnd i went 3 times that year I lost my dadWell I, I lastly read the good Book, and also ITook a good, long, hard lookAt what I"d carry out if I might do it all againAnd thenI walk skydivingI go Rocky mountain climbingI walk 2.7 secs on a bull named FumanchuAnd i loved deeperAnd ns spoke sweeterAnd I provided forgiveness I"d to be denying"And the said"Someday ns hope you gain the chanceTo live favor you were dyingLike tomorrow was a giftAnd you obtained eternityTo think aboutWhat you"d do with it?What might you execute with it?What go I do with it?What would certainly I carry out with it?SkydivingI walk Rocky hill climbingI go 2.7 seconds on a bull called FumanchuMan, i loved deeperAnd i spoke sweeterAnd i watched one eagle together it to be flying"And that said"Someday i hope you gain the chanceTo live like you to be dyingTo live choose you were dyingTo live like you were dyingTo live like you were dyingTo live prefer you were dying"Woo

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Tim McGraw Samuel Timothy "Tim" McGraw (born may 1, 1967) is one American nation singer and also actor. Many of McGraw"s albums and singles have actually topped the country music charts with complete album sales in overfill of 40 million systems in the US, making him the eighth best-selling artist, and the 3rd best-selling country singer, in the Soundscan era.

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He is married to nation singer faith Hill and also is the kid of former baseball player Tug McGraw. More »