Although the nation singer doesn’t take part in gambling an extremely often as result of his shedding streak with the cards, he still complies with his family’s legacy of choose up a couple of scratch-and-wins every vacation season to check out if he have the right to earn some extra cash on the side.

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Luke Combs may have hit the jackpot as soon as he landing a career in nation music, but his luck doesn’t really operation too far as he’s never been a large winner top top lottery scratch-offs.

Although the country singer doesn’t take part in gambling very often due to his shedding streak through the cards, the still follows his family’s legacy of picking up a few scratch-and-wins every holiday season to watch if he have the right to earn part extra cash on the side. The legacy goes so deep that Combs even consisted of the story within the text of his recent single, “When It rains It Pours.”

“The last time ns bought a scratch off, gosh its probably been…. I carry out it every Christmas. That’s constantly been our tradition. We always put the in each other’s stockings. I constantly win but I never ever make any money. My dad will buy 10 dollar scrape offs and also then okay win two dollars or something. I’m no a huge gambler per say. I’m no a mega substantial risk taker. But that was more than likely the last point I winner was probably a disagreement on a scratch off ticket. Ns wish i won one hundred dollars top top a scratch off ticket, that would be nice. But the guy in the tune does so that’s okay.”

Nevertheless, Combs appreciates the initiative he and his love ones put in toward their random wagers in the lotto category. He’ll never lose faith that he may one day end up a millionaire many thanks to the small text top top a file card, however he’s no one to do a habit the end of it.

Thankfully, Combs doesn’t have to concern too much around his side hustle though, together his debut solitary “Hurricane” walk No. 1 on the nation charts with his new track increasing up the list week by week.

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Luke Combs’ recent single, “When It rains It Pours” can be heard on nation radio now.