Bigger is better when your first glass of wine was offered by some tightarse douche canoe in a standardised sippy cup but, thankfully, top top your next trek come the bar, a mouthful later, you get the cute tiny bar guy who offers it to you v a wink and also in a pint. #dontcarehowidrinkmywine

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Bigger is far better when you go to the ATM expecting to just see $25.00 but the balance top top the screeen mirrors $250! Woohoo! #hitthejackpot

Bigger is far better when you are in a weight loss competition... Seriously, the bigger guys always win. #moretolose

My husband would definitely say larger boobs and also a enlarge arse are far better but that"s no surprise coz that is a boob and also arse man, ~ all. #arenttheyall

My girlfriends and I would certainly agree a larger coffee is better than a teeny tiny cup of espresso... Ns mean, did who invite Barbie?! #dontmakemekillyou

Bigger is certainly far better when you space on your free-eating day and you stimulate cake. Sorry, I claimed I want cake, together in a entirety cake no a lady sized slice! #mmmmcake

Bigger is much better when you space signing up because that the internet, coz seriously, being slowed come dial-up speed is increase there through the old telephone rotating dials. #dialupisso90s

Bigger is better when you open up your parachute after jumping the end of a perfectly great plane due to the fact that those tiny emergency f**kers can"t be an excellent for much. #saynotosmallf**kers

Bigger is much better for carting shit throughout the seas and also by shit I median my virtual shopping. Imagine not having actually those huge cargo ships. It would take a decade for me to swim over and also get them and also then the would have been in and out of fashion twice already. #onlineshoppinggonebad

A bigger table is much better for sharing story at. A bigger automobile is much better for my monstrous family. A larger bag is an excellent for every the crap I have to carry and a bigger slice of pepperoni pizza when you can only have one is, well, it"s a f**king free-food-day god send.

Bigger is better when you open your parachute ~ jumping the end of a perfectly an excellent plane due to the fact that those tiny emergency f**kers can"t be good for much.

A larger daytime nap because that my three-year-old method a better quality of life -- quality for me and also life for him. A bigger hug native friends once you"re under is better than the type of hug hugaphobic world give you... You know the ones? when that hugaphobe proper embraces you just in situation your love is infectious... A slim tilt forward and slap on the earlier is every you get. #imnotchokingf**ktard #hugsaregood

And enlarge is far better when we space talking all the lovey dovey and also mushy stuff. The bigger the love, the bigger the heart, the much better all our resides will be. #someonegetmeabucket #butimeanit

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