Last night to be the season finale that Tyler Perry’s series If loving You Is Wrong! return the season together a entirety hasn’t been super exciting, they made sure to permit the season finish with a bang – a pair bangs, actually! Racism, love triangles, police corruption, and possibly even fatality riddle this episode. And also with all of the action, we space still left with loads of questions that have actually yet to be answered. Will our ILYIW personalities ever be the same again?


‘This week’s illustration was the season finale the If loving Is Wrong, for this reason make certain to catch up on critical week’s episode first! If loving You Is wrong 2016 Recap: S5 E10 – Every Minute Counts.

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We pick earlier up with Randal, still pleading through Rusty because that his life and his son’s life. Someone knocks the in the head again v a shovel and also he goes out for a few seconds, and then wakes ago up. Randal to be like, “I’ll salary you $100,000 to just me and also my kid go and we’ll walk on about our business.” Rusty to be like, “What perform you do? you ain’t gained no money!” once Randal told him that he to be a doctor, Rusty said, “Ain’t no fancy doctors! The only method coloreds gain money is by selling drugs or stealing!” Randal to be still pleading through him as soon as Rusty whips the end the gun. He then yells in ~ Virginia come come exterior with the baby. She rushes out and also puts the infant on the ground….? Randal to be like, “Have part compassion, that’s a baby.” Virginia said, “You shouldn’t have actually slept with – pardon me, raped – mine daughter and had that b******d. Rusty wouldn’t even let me touch him. He rode in the bed that the truck on the means here. Friend shouldn’t have actually raped my daughter!” Randal screamed back, “I didn’t rape your daughter!” Virginia said, “I know.” Really, woman?! standard racism and pure hatred. Randal called her, “We didn’t execute anything wrong. Ns love her and also she loves me.” Virginia was like, “She don’t love you! If she loved you, why did she contact us? girlfriend tried to take she b*****d, therefore she walk what she had to do! We room kind and also gentle Christian civilization – why else would we come and take her baby?” That’s as soon as it struggle Randal – this was every Alex’s fault. Randal then got in psychiatrist mode and also said, “Virginia, go you settle for Rusty? the doesn’t seem favor your type. Girlfriend seem like a woman with huge dreams, big city dreams…..why did you settle for him? to be it your mother? Father?” Virginia to be like, “How go you recognize that? You’re a black color witch!” Randal to be like, “No, I’m a doctor. I have friends….I’ll salary you to help me obtain out the here.” as soon as he offered her the $100,000, she was like, “You think we require it?! friend ain’t gone make it out of below alive. We’re gonna kill you and take you out to the river to get eaten by the alligators. And also that’s gonna be the end of you and also that b*****d.”

Meanwhile, the 911 dispatcher ultimately told Steven about Andrew and how Eddie checked out help. Steven immediately springs into activity and make the efforts to contact Andrew. Once he couldn’t with him, that went and called Lushion so they can figure the end a game plan. Lushion said, “We need to simply go ahead and also take the out.” Steven said, “No, i think we require to obtain the cartel end there and shot to obtain everyone in one large sweep.” Lushion said, “Oh no. Eddie is going to death even an ext people. Pete is missing, I’ve had to call an ext FBI detail…too much. We need to nip this in the bud NOW.”

As that’s walk on, Kelly and Marcie are earlier at the house. Kelly is still every nervous since she sees Travis out on she porch. Marcie to be like, “What’s wrong through you?” Kelly was like, “Travis is crazy. I don’t what ns did to him, however he’s INSANE!” Marcie told Kelly to call Lushion because that help. She said him around everything that happened, to acquire someone come come acquire a statement indigenous her, and to inspect out Ramsey’s house. They sent out some man named Rick over to the house. Kelly walk outside and also told him about everything the happened. She to be like, “Well…maybe I’m overreacting. He’s commonly such a tenderness person. And also he’s simply a kid.” Rick to be like, “That don’t sound favor no gentle boy to me! You simply go back in the house and lock up. I’ll inspect out the house.” rick goes end to the house….and comes back out real quick!” Kelly was like, “What’s walking on?” that said, “Get in the house. NOW!” She asks no questions and also gets she behind earlier in!

Then we get ago to Randal and the baby. Rusty and also the men are working on the boat and also Randal is tho trying come plead with Virginia. Virginia tried come tell him the Randal might give lock money, however Rusty didn’t wanna hear it. Then every one of a sudden, Virginia yelled, “The laws is here!” It’s Alex. Randal watch her and starts yelling because that her. Rusty called Alex the Randal and the baby must die, or else she won’t gain into Heaven.

…but if Randal raped her….? ns don’t know anymore…..

Alex apologized because that letting Randal rape her, however Rusty told her that the only means she can prove that would certainly be to shoot Randal herself. Virginia called Rusty not to trust her, yet he simply knew she to be going to carry out it….she couldn’t carry out it. Next thing we know, another cop auto pulls increase – it’s Eddie. Eddie was like, “It’s me, unc. I just came to watch. They to be both messing around, so they deserve to be punished.” therefore they obtain Eddie come wrap the noose roughly Randal’s neck. They drag him to the tree, whereby Eddie throws the rope over it, and starts pulling Randal up!

That’s once the cops show up and also everybody scatters! The rope drops and Randal drops to the ground, and Eddie runs off into the woods. A shootout ensues, and also Eddie shoots Rusty and says, “I’m a cop, I’m v y’all!”

Then we watch Virginia out in the center of the water, stop the infant over the boat! Lushion told among the cops, “You have actually a clear shot – take it!” someone shot, but we don’t know who obtained shot….

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And the was the end of season 5 the If loving You Is Wrong!!

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